Septebmer 16, 2019

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  • Reagan, Robby and I were up way too early this morning. We got ourselves ready and snuck out of the house. We dropped Robby off at church to bring back Grannymom's car. Then Reagan and I fought the traffic to get the Children's for her last Nutrition Center visit.
  • She wasn't looking too forward to it. Things started off well-they were busy measuring Reagan when the worker asked if she was feeling ok. I looked up, and Reagan was incredibly pale. They sat her down, gave her some water and got a wet washcloth for her neck. 
  • Reagan had been instructed to fast, plus all of the attention and fear of a blood draw almost sent her over the edge. After propping her feet up, she quickly looked better. They drew her blood without any problems at all and then gave her an apple juice and breakfast sandwich. 
  • After all of that, Reagan went off to do a bone scan and then about 2 hours in psych testing. During all of this time, I planned 2 weeks of Sunday school, made over 100 timeline cards for history and even read an entire book. 
  • We ate our lunch, and then there was more psych testing. We finished there around 2:45, but had to go to the hospital for two more test. I was expecting to be there until after 5 so when we made it home around 4, I was tickled. Reagan was pretty pleased too with her check and Starbucks drink that I bought for her on the way home.  (Though she is less than pleased with the fit bit type thing that she has to wear on her ankle for the next week. She does look like she is on house arrest.)
  • Meanwhile, Robby was manning everyone back at the house. Whitman grabbed tomorrow's work in addition to today's work so things were a bit confusing at first. They got it all figured out. 
  • Everyone had a decent amount of school work but finished in time to have plenty of free time during the morning. Anderson even said that he was a bit bored today. That won't happen tomorrow since we have a full load of school.
  • When we did come home today, Robby was cooking chicken on the new grill. It was delicious and was given two thumbs up by all of the Dennies. We all ate at the table, and then the boys left. 
  • They went to check out a new Trail Life group. It is similar to Boy Scouts, and they are planning on trying it out this year. When everyone was back home, the kids had showers and then it was eventually bedtime.

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