September 10, 2019

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  • I knew that this wouldn't be the smoothest day since we are out of the school routine. Plus, I knew that waking up to the lights still off wouldn't help any. The boys were up before 7 this morning, and with no internet they were not too quiet at all.
  • Soon the whole house was up. Now, that is a good thing but there wasn't a whole lot to do with the power out. I was still going to let Reagan sleep until 8 so we couldn't start school yet. I was a bit excited about school by candlelight. Well, it really wouldn't be candle light since we have windows and the sun was shining.
  • It was about 7:30 when that silly power did come back on. I was probably more disappointed than the kids. No power would have been really fun at least for the first part of the day.
  • We started school right at 8, and I read to everyone until 9. Then every body started on their individual work. I thought everyone was moving well but didn't realize that Anderson and Whitman were falling behind. They ended up still having work to do after we came home from swimming at Ambers.
  • Around 12:30 everyone had their lunches, then it was time to load up to meet all of the buddies. The kids had lots of fun swimming even though I was not happy about having to pull out the swim towels again!
  • I ran by the library on the way home today to pick up some books. Since we checked out 20 books, I got to grab a prize. I ended up with 5 dollars off of their basement book sale. I have always wanted to go so now I guess I have an excuse.
  • Once at home, Anderson and Whitman went to work on their school while I tried to knock things off of my list. Campbell worked on decorating our nightly prayer journal, and Keaton went to town cleaning out one of her shelves-without being asked! I wish I could got some other people to do that!
  • Robby took Reagan to practice tonight. He ran some errands including buying our much needed milk and tortillas. I walked on the treadmill and even played a basketball game with Graham, Anderson and Keaton. Whitman came out to watch us and set himself up a lawnchair.
  • Supper was ready when Robby and Reagan came home. She was a sweaty mess after her practice-I think that she really loves it. She has her first game this weekend (we missed last weeks game), and I know that she is excited.
  • Robby bought himself a new toy so we worked on putting it together all the way up til bedtime. Then it was lights out for the Dennie kids. Hopefully the lights stay on tonight though!

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