September 27, 2019-Happy 8th Birthday Keaton!

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  • Our morning routine was pretty much the same this morning as usual. For some reason, it never crossed my mind to put candles on Keaton's breakfast, but I am not too sure how worthy pop tarts are for candles. 
  • We did our morning reading and then had some time to clean up before all of our homeschool buddies arrived. Now, today was our science and egg drop day. The mommas all had science experiments for everyone to do-there was measuring out the solar systems, ooblick, mentos and cokes, exploding bags, elephant toothpaste and possibly even a few other things. 
  • The kids enjoyed all of these things, but what they really enjoyed was just playing with their friends. The kids were outside most of the day since it was beautiful outside.
  • I will say that the highlight was the egg drop. This year, Robby was able to climb on the roof to drop the eggs. He had rigged up a pulley and bucket system so getting the eggs was super easy. 
  • Most of the eggs did not crack-only Anderson's egg cracked in our family. He had probably worked the hardest in our family. He made a structure out of straws. It did work on a trial run, but we believe that the straws he used started to break which caused his egg to splatter everywhere.
  • Now, if Anderson worked the hardest, Reagan worked the least. She grabbed a jar of peanut butter this morning and shoved an egg inside. And would you believe that the egg did not crack in that jar?
  • Then there was Graham who packed his egg in a ziplock full of popcorn. It worked out well and was super easy (bonus points in my book.) 
  • Campbell had also worked pretty hard on hers. She had a mix of many supplies-cardboard, paper cups, bubble wrap, a walmart bag parachute. It worked very well and didn't cause her egg to crack.
  • Keaton filled a huge cheese ball bucket full of syrofoam and put the egg inside. Even though hers made the largest crash sound, it worked well.
  • And Whitman came up with putting his egg in a cup packed with shredded paper. He also added a walmart bag parachute. I did help him put a top on his so the egg wouldn't fall out. We had already talked about not getting upset if your egg cracked, but thankfully his egg was still intact.
  • Once our friends left, we cleaned up the house which is always a chore. Then I took Campbell and Keaton to Third Realm....and we forgot our socks. So we drove home to get them and also picked up Whitman and Robby.
  • The kids jumped and after a bit Robby ran to Walmart to pick up food for supper. We then came home and pulled out lots of food to make taco salad. The Wilsons came over and the company and food were both great. 
  • After we ate, we celebrated Keaton's birthday once again today with brownies and ice cream. I do believe that she had a pretty wonderful birthday. 

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