September 19, 2019

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  • School went pretty well this morning and afternoon. Whitman was the only one doing school this afternoon. Sometimes I think that I should cut his school off at a certain time, but then other times I figure that since he doesn't seem to mind at all, and isn't actually doing any work most of the time, then I should just make him finish. 
  • Ahh, and let's see Campbell did have a meltdown about her math today. Who knew that division would cause such a problem. I discussed with one mom today, that maybe a 4th grade education is all that we need. I see posts on our local facebook page and can tell that a 4th grade education is just about all that most of the people in our area have. 
  • And Graham finished his work super quickly today, but after finishing school the only thing that he can find to do is get into trouble. He may have finished school quickly but earned himself a few chores. He calmed down and my living room floor is also nicely vacuumed.
  • While we are going down the list-Anderson. He plugs along on his school work. He is in no hurry and doesn't mind working in the afternoon. I will say that I had grand plans of the kids doing a little bit of work of Wednesdays to help out with their work load. However, life is just busy right now, so that hasn't happened yet.
  • Reagan flies through her work sometimes she does it so quickly that I wonder if she is really doing it. I have even made sure that her math answers are not near her. School is just easy for her which I am grateful. However, I do wonder if she could be pushed a little bit more.
  • And finally, my Keaton. She also can fly through her work or spend time making a fort. She tries her best to help Whitman move along or will work alongside of Campbell so they can finish together. 
  • Around lunchtime, Keaton headed off with Nonna and Pops to do some birthday shopping. She was super pleased when we caught back up wtih her at Third Realm this afternoon. However, the past few days she has been saying that her back hurt and was miserable tonight. I was a bit worried about her at bedtime. She had fallen asleep on the couch and by the time I got her into bed, she was sobbing. After rubbing her back for a while, she did calm down and is hopefully sound asleep now.
  • Robby spent his day watching his grill. He used his grill for the first real time today. We have made other things, but tonight's pork shoulder is what the grill was bought for. It couldn't have been any better! We were super pleased and all super starved by the time that we ate at 8 tonight.
  • I took Reagan to soccer practice tonight. There had been lightening so all of the fields were cleared when we got there. We waited for 45 minutes until they finally did call practice because of lightening. As we drove off, I did see more lightening. 
  • We used our free few minutes at Walmart to pick up a few things for our trip. Then it was back home. We raced the storm home and helped Robby shove the grill in the garage right before the rain came. 
  • The Wilsons came over tonight to help us eat our supper. Once the kids were in bed, Robby and I cleaned up the kitchen, and then he cleaned our kitchen floor. There is nothing that I love more than a clean kitchen.

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