September 3, 2019

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  • We were too tired to stay up too late last night, so that little bit of extra sleep did help us get up earlier today. Unfortunatley, tomorrow we will need to get up much earlier. We are officially middle aged now, so I do wonder when we will start waking up early like old people. I would prefer that start to happen sooner rather than later since I have quite a few things I need to mark off my list and a few extra hours (or even minutes) would certainly help.
  • The kids did their school this morning. As usual, Graham flew through his and then almost got into trouble while waiting on me to work with him. School could go a bit quicker if there were two of me running around the house. Plus is there was one more then she could take care of the house during school. I guess everyone will just have to learn patience and wait their turn.
  • Pops needed some company this afternoon so we loaded up ourselves and our lunch and headed over there. We ate our leftovers from last night while chatting with Nonna and Pops. Whitman and I headed to the library to pick up some of my books that were on hold and to fill up his "reading box" with library books. He has had books from home in there and I have been bribing him with library books in his box. Everyone book he would pick up, he would ask me if he could read it. We were in the easy reader section so he was indeed able to read every book.
  • We picked up the others since they had stayed at Nonna's house after our trip. I then took Campbell and Keaton to the skating rink. I stayed long enough to put their skates on and then passed them off to Candice. They had a blast skating while I was able to accomplish quite a bit at home. If you would look at my fit bit, you could tell that-day before a trip day is always over 10,000 without the treadmill. (Yesterday was a party day, so I had almost 20,000 by bedtime.)
  • We worked on cleaning out the fridge tonight for supper. It was a perfectly restful evening-spent working. Reagan had soccer practice but she doesn't feel great. She even asked to skip tonight which means that she must feel crummy. We ordinarily might have pushed a bit or encouraged her to go, but we sure didn't have time to sit out at soccer for 2 hours tonight.
  • Everyone was in bed a few minutes early tonight which would be great, except they are still wide awake above me. I am not sure if they undestand that they need their rest and I need my coke float!

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