Septebmer 14, 2019-Happy 14th Birthday (Party) Reagan!

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  • I wasn't too ready to wake up and get started this morning, but there were things to be done. Laundry and dishes first followed by some work in the kitchen. I iced Reagan's cake-I wish I could ice super smooth, but it will do.
  • The morning went by pretty quick, and soon I was heading off to the Vintage Market with Shannon. We had more fun than Robby and Tony who spent some time mowing their yards. I didn't buy anything there but did convince Shannon to buy a few things.
  • We did hit up the grocery store on the way home and both filled up a buggy! I think I would prefer to buy groceries anyway. 
  • I made it home in time to pick up the kitchen again. I did sit down during the Hog game. I watched a very brief bit of it and then took myself a nap. During halftime though, we all worked on straightening the house.
  • Reagan's party was the main even happening today. She had quite a crew-Sara, Kennedy, Logan, Alyssa, Emma, Ava, Lily, Camryn, Cate, Kaleigh, plus one that hasn't even arrived yet.
  • Robby had raced off to get pizza for everyone. He was in a hurry trying to pick up the pizza and arrive back in time to take the others to the movie. They made it with plenty of time though they did have to eat in the car. 
  • They watched Overcomer, and everyone thought that it was a pretty good movie. Robby did say that Whitman got a little bored towards the end. He prefers musicals!
  • The girls ate their pizza and went right on up the stairs. I really never heard much from them until Robby and the crew came home. I had to ask twice for them to come and eat cake. They pretty much devoured the cake before opening presents.
  • Reagan opened up quite a few fun things-lots of notebooks! Then all of the girls headed back up the stiars to not be seen or heard from again. I did tell Reagan that my 2 I think that they should go on to bed-that is reasonable isn't it? 
  • I once again straightened the kitchen and soon it was bedtime for my other 5! Keaton and Campbell really wanted to go upstairs to be with the girls. But surprisingly, Whitman really, really wanted to as well. And Graham and Anderson could not have stayed further away. I am sure that will soon change, but for right now I am thankful that only one of my boys wants to be near the girls!

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