September 2019-Back to Michigan! Trip By the Numbers:

Days: 6
Hotels: 5
Greenfield Village Visits this Year: 3
Model T Rides: 3 (plus a 1924 fire truck ride)
Meals in the Car: 
Imax Movies: 4
States: 6 (AR, MO, IL, IN, OH, MI)
Most Miles Walked in a Day: 9.5
Hotels without a Toaster: 1
Ice Cream Stops: 3 (two were McDonald’s so they shouldn’t count)
Bakery Items Bought: 16
Maximum Amount of Guests in Hotel Room (per Indiana state law): 5
Guests in our Hotel Rooms: 8
Meals in the Car: 5
Cookies Eaten by Dennies on Architectural Boat Tour: 34

Miles Driven: 2,039

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