September 9, 2019-Back to Michigan!

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At 3:30, Whitman was trying to crawl over me to get in the middle of our bed. He was also whispering at Robby, “Scoot over, Daddy.”  I was able to get him to just sleep on the edge so Robby could have a bit more room. However, when Robby got up to use the bathroom a few minutes later, Whitman was quick to hurdle over me so he could get in the middle of the bed.

Time changed helped us a little bit today. Robby was already up by 7 this morning, so we did get an earlier start than usual. The big boys and Robby loaded up the car while the girls, Whitman and I grabbed something to eat. The boys joined us and ate their food, and soon we were on the road headed towards home.

We hadn;t had ice cream at all this trip, so we needed to mark that off of our list. And since St. Louis was just a little bit out of the way, we ran by or some Ted Drewes ice cream. It was a fun and much needed stop since it was our first stop of the morning.

Before lunch time, we finished our book that we were listening to. I don’t think that the kids found this one as interesting as I did. It was about the runner/missionary Eric Liddell. We will be watching Chariots of Fire soon. 

I did spend some time registering or trying to register the kids for basketball. I had a bit of trouble getting the boys signed up. We did ask Whitman if he wanted to do it this year, and his response was a firm “no!” Maybe someday!

Around 1 we did stop for a gas stop. It was already getting warm, and I was missing the cool weather that we had been experiencing.I then drove for a little bit through some beautiful farmland in Arkansas. 

We did stop at a McDonalds about an hour and a half away from home. We all got one more treat (even though we had just had ice cream). When we climbed back in the car, Robby did say that he wished we were still in Dearborn because of the heat here. I would even take Chicago as long as I had a pair of long underwear with me.

It didn’t take too much longer for us to be near home. We were actually in NLR when we had to stop for a potty break. It was possibly because Cambpell and Keaton had ordered a huge coke from McDonalds. I explained to them how they could repurpose their cup, but they wanted no part in that. I was actually relieved that they asked to go to the restroom because I also needed to be relieved. 

Once we made it home, we released the kids. They usually have to work unloading the car so they were quite confused at what we were doing. We had to think about how to pack a few things differently and even loaded a few things up a different way. It didn’t take too long for us to have the car emptied and most things put away.

Then we had the kids help with their bags. Soon after that it was super time. We had our leftovers from our Fazoli trip last night. Then pajama time and lots of laundry folding for everyone. Right now, everyone is still awake, but I am quite exhausted so I am finishing the blog a wee bit early!

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