September 1, 2019-Happy Birthday (Celebration) Reagan, Robby and Keaton!

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  • When Robby woke up this morning, the boys were not only awake, but Chase had his bags packed and by the door ready to go. Everyone started on getting ready and while Robby was in the shower, I told him that we didn't have much breakfast food, and we certainly didn't have anything guest worthy.
  • He went to town baking up biscuits, frying sausage and scrambing eggs. It was a splendid meal that took a bit too long to make so the kids ended up eating in the car. That worked out really well for me because I finished off Graham's biscuit as well as Keaton's biscuit on my drive to the church house.
  • Big church and gracious, when we lifted our heads from the final prayer, Anderson pointed to his wrist and said, "8 minutes." That child was busy timing the prayer!
  • After Sunday school, we headed to Grannymom's house to begin the September birthday celebrations. There was taco salad along with oreo delight which is everyone's favorite. After lunch, we opened presents for the birthday people.
  • They all three received a Disney gift card from Dana. Robby was pretty happy with his presents-a gas can, a cutting board and fire house sub sauce. Reagan had a big bag of clothes that her and Grannymom had shopped for. Keaton could not hardly contain her excitement about her mini fridge that she received. It is already plugged up and full of drinks.
  • After getting gas on the way home, we split up. Keaton, Campbell and Graham went with me to Sams first and then to check on Pops. (Robby and the others went to Kroger and then headed home.) Pops seemed to be doing pretty well, and the kids seemed to be happy to see that he was indeed ok.
  • We then rushed home to meet the others, change clothes and jump back in the car for Third Realm. Today was the kids last day there-we jumped 111 times. That means that Robby or I have been at Third Realm for 111 hours during the past 6 months. That is 4 and a half days of our lives spent there! Our total was 50 cents a visit which wasn't too bad at all.
  • Then we hurried home to pick up a few things for the Wilsons. They came over for hamburgers tonight. The last few days have been crazy busy and the next few days are also going to be nuts so it was certainly wonderful to just sit with friends and relax. 
  • Once they left, Robby and I went to town straightening the garage, making homemade ice cream, baked beans and salsa. We are some busy folks around here which makes us super happy!

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