September 6, 2019-Back to Michigan!

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Last night when I went to use the bathroom, the potty got clogged up. (I didn’t even use much toilet paper so it wasn’t my fault at all. The water would eventually go down, but we were worried about someone waking up in the middle of the night and flushing twice which would have caused a major problem on the floor!

We did still sleep well even though I was trying to listen carefully for any potty goers in the middle of the night. Anderson did make his throat clearing noise a bit right when we went to bed. I poked him and then tried to make him get off of Reagan’s side of the bed, but to no avail. I figured that Reagan would take care of him herself if she felt crowded.

This morning we were running a bit behind since we waited for the plunger. Graham, Campbell and Keaton did get ready fairly quick so they could go down to breakfast and to use the restroom.The rest of us were not too far behind them.

I took my granola that we bought in Shipshewana down to breakfast. It made my yogurt this morning delicious. Soon we were loading up the car without a cart. We managed to carry everything except our two ice chests down two flights of stairs. Robby and Anderson went up to retrieve the ice chests while I moved the car closer for them. 

We were then back on the road to Dearborn. Our first stop (and only) was the River Raisin National Battlefield. We have passed this a few times but have never been able to stop-well, today was the day. Not only did we stop, but we watched the movie, completed the Jr. Ranger books and possibly even learned a bit too much about the War of 1812.

We usually do not do the Jr. Ranger books while we are at the parks, but since we had a bit of time this morning we did today. We watched the video and then went right to work on the books. They were not too difficult. The park ranger did a good job going over a few of the questions but not every single one. Robby thought that he was going to talk about every single page and answer at first, but he did not. If he had done this, we would still be there listening.

The kids are always good sports about doing the books and taking the Jr. Ranger pledge. Now it is just a joke between Reagan and Robby while she is suffering through the pledge. They will thank us one day...possibly. Ha! 

We then jumped in the car to retunr our Redbox from yesterday. While we were returning it, we did spy that they had drinks at the Circle K so Robby let everyone had a drink-3 icees and 3Freal milkshakes. 

Then it was time to head to one of my favorite places: The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. We just had about 20 minutes to drive plus it was lunch time. I slapped some meat on the bread and threw sandwiches to the back rows. We were still finishing as we drove through the gates.

Robby dropped me off to check on tickets for their Imax movies which are free to members. I asked for tickets for a 1:05 movie and a 5:10 movie. We had about 15 minutes until the first one which gave us time to park and use the restrooms.

The weather was iffy when we went into the massive theater. I guess that our children have not been to an imax theater before because they were pretty shocked at the huge screen. There weren’t too many people watching the movie with us-maybe 4 other folks so it was kind of like we had the theater to ourselves.

The imax was about Saturn and something or another. Sorry, I found it very difficult to keep my eyes open despite the massive screen and sound system. It was a good little nap for me and maybe educational for the kids...except for the whole big bang part. 

After the imax, we headed to the building the model T part of the museum. This was the part that Whitman was most excited about. Everyone had pretty difficult things to do when they helped build the car this afternoon. There were tiny pins and bolts that they were working with.

Then we walked on to the Village. The last time we were here, the crowds were pretty thick as they are going to be tomorrow. However, today, there was practically no one around. It was perfect and the weather was divine.

We headed straight to ride the Model Ts. We asked for the scoop or tomorrow and found out enough to be prepared for the crowds. Then we walked around the craftworks area-saw glass being made and ladies painting pottery. I did find me another Christmas ornament-yes, we have not bought 4 on this trip! 

The kids rode on the carousel along with a few minutes on the playground. We ended up riding the Model Ts one more time before we walked back to the car. We had a snack and drink in the car before heading in to watch our next movie.

We were a little bit late for the start of the last movie-just seconds-but it was still difficult to find our seats in the dark theater.  The movie was Super Hero Dogs or something like that. It was a pretty cool 3D movie. Whitman said that it was the best movie that he has ever seen. It was really neat, and we were sitting in the perfect spot of the theater.

It was only a short drive to tonight’s hotel. We lugged in all of our stuff since we are here for two nights. The kids started on showers while Robby began laundry. He then ran to get gas and a 2 liter for supper. Then tonight’s supper was heated up on the panini maker-the kids had chicken roll ups, Whitman did have a hamburger, Robby had sausage hot dog thing and I had chicken nachos.

Soon supper was over, laundry was folded and after some tv watching we passed out cinnamon bread from the Amish store the other day. We did all agree that even though the bread was pretty it needed some more cinnamon or some icing. We still ate just about every bit of it though. 

Tomorrow will be full of movie at the Henry Ford (2 more movies to see tomorrow) plus a packed Greenfield Village full of old timey cars.

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