September 21, 2019

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  • It was another busy day around here. We did wake up and start doing a few chores around the house before we all jumped in the car and headed to soccer.
  • This was our first kid sporting game that was out of town. We had to go to White Hall for Reagan's soccer game today. It wasn't too bad of a drive and soon she was warming up for her game. 
  • The game was really good-her team won by 7 points. Hopefully, tomorow's game will be just as good. Reagan did say that she played her best game today. It did seem that she was always up against one of their best players today. Though I will say that those fields are so big that I can barely tell which one of the blue uniforms is Reagan.
  • We ate lunch at Burger King on the way home. Then Robby dropped Campbell and Keaton off for their job-they had to take care of Dana's dogs this afternoon. While they were doing that, Reagan and Robby ran to Walmart and Sams. The other kiddos stayed and helped the dog sitters.
  • Then we picked Cash up and headed home. We didn't have too long at home, but I was able to pull out school for next week and make a Hogs shirt. Unfortunately, wearing my new shirt didn't help the hogs any tonight with their ball game.
  • I then ran to Shannon's house, and we picked up supper for everyone. We got Chinese which I used to love. However, I just think that Chinese isn't our thing anymore. The food was good, the best we have had in a while, but maybe pizza or Mexican would have been better.
  • We watched the game and during halftime I tried to make some no bake cookies. As all of my cookie making goes, it was a failure. I am just not cut out to be a cookie maker. Don't worry though, I am going to try again. Maybe tomorrow.
  • The kids had to shower when we came home, so it was nearly 11 when we put everyone in bed. We have a few less than last Saturday night (Reagan's birthday party), but the kids are still wound up upstairs. Hopefully, they will get to sleep soon.

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