September 17, 2019

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  • It was back to school this morning-we had to do everything after the kids' slow day yesterday. People went right to work even though there was a bit of drama. They know when Robby heads to Conway, and things can quickly get crazy. I didn't let it though and things went very well today.
  • Everyone except for Anderson and Whitman finished before lunch. They set their work out for later when everyone started on their lunch. After lunch, we did some more reading.
  • Then it was time for the library. I am not exactly how many books we returned today, but it was a laundry basket full. I ran to the library last Tuesday so our books were just from a week. We do have a large book turnover right now since we have over 150 books checked out.
  • The library craft today could have been cute...but none of ours turned out that cute! Ha! The kids enjoyed it though. I wanted them to make pretty fall leaves to hang up in the house, but no one chose to do that. It was a bit labor intensive so I even forgot to take pictures. 
  • We did run by ChickFilA on the way home-not for a snack because the kids had just had a snacky lunch at the library after the class. Reagan had big plans for her supper tonight, and she needed lots of nuggets and fries.
  • Once at home, we finished some of our chores and school work. Then it was time for Reagan to make supper for everyone. She had seen ChickFilA pizza-pizza crust, ChickFilA sauce, mozzerella cheese, chicken nuggets and waffle fries. We weren't too sure about her meal, but it turned out suprisingly well. 
  • After supper, we did a few things to get ready for tomorrow. It is our first day of Bible study so things will start getting busy again. 

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