September 18, 2019

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  • Today was our first day of Bible study so everyone was up early this morning. Not only was this the first day, but this year the kids are doing their Bible study at another church nearby, so we left even a bit earlier than normal.
  • Drop off was fairly smooth-I did have to find everyone's classes which wasn't too bad. They are at a nearby church and though the church is small they now have a school that meets there, along with our CBS, plus 2 days of Mother's day out along with a homeschool co-op. What a wonderful use of their facilities. 
  • I then road with Candice to our Bible study. We thought about going to Starbucks or some where else fun instead of Bible study. We did however, do the right thing and head to our own Bible study.
  • After Bible study, I picked up the kids, and we went to the Heltz' for lunch. The kids played inside some and outside. They have a big dog and a small dog and bless, my Graham is a bit terrified of dogs. He didn't crawl up in a chair or anything, but he sat right beside me!
  • We came home long enough for some chores and reading before heading to Third Realm. Yep, you read that right. They had a homeschool deal, but we even found a deal better than that. I will try to be a bit more relaxed this go and not keep a record of when we go. We decided that the kids need exercise, and this is a good way to get it.
  • We couldn't stay too long because we had to run home before heading off to church. We picked up supper on the way home and then headed to church for the evening. 
  • I let the kids play on the playground for a long time tonight after church. The kids were one of the last ones there so I know that they enjoyed that.
  • Once at home, we had ice cream and everyone got ready for bed. As it was almost bedtime, Robby was working on some meat. Whitman was the first to see it and asked "what is that?" He was quite put off by it. When we told him that it was tomorrow's supper, he said that he was having pizza.

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