September 2, 2019

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  • Labor Day is a very accurate word for today-we labored the entire day long. From sun up until sun down we were busy at this house. Well, I guess that I could more accurately say from almost sun up. Robby said that he almost got up at 6 to start working, but he was able to go back to sleep.
  • We had told the kids that they would have to start working at 8:45. I statred before they did, but the kids were incredible. In around 45 minutes, we cleaned the entire house-vacuuming, potties, everything plus the kids all packed their bags for the trip. While we were doing this, Robby was flying over the yard on the lawnmower.
  • We decided that we needed to have a little bit of morning fun at the pool. After I dropped off everyone, Reagan and I went to go and get her hair cut. She asked for about 3 inches to be cut off and for layers-that is what the lady did and poor Reagan isn't pleased at all. I think it looks cute, but she is determined that she is going to keep her hair in a bun for the next few months.
  • We then joined everyone else at the pool. It was pleasant there, and we enjoyed our last little bit there. Keaton and Whitman could have stayed longer, but we still had a lot to do at home.
  • Once we came home, everyone helped get the outside ready-cornhole, a blow up water slide, a blow up pool, the sink out plus lots of lawnchairs. It was a job, and the kids again worked hard. After a bit, I did move into the house to start working on some food.
  • We had hot dogs, beans, potato salad, salsa, chips, home made ice cream plus dips, cookies and cupcakes brougth by the others. The Heltz, Fergusons, Crafts and Stotts all came over to play on our old blow up slide. We have had it for years, and we assumed that it might just not work this time. With a little help from Robby's gas blower it worked perfectly even with my big boys playing on it. 
  • The kids had a blast playing in the water along with everywhere else in the yard and in the house. It was a pleasant evening outside, and we all had fun. 
  • When everyone left, my crew again went to work. It took about 45 minutes and the house and yard were pretty much back to normal. It was an exhuasting, yet wonderful day. 

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