September 30, 2019

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  • I didn't get on the treadmill to early this morning but did manage to finish just before school was to start. Graham was the only one awake this morning. He usually starts on his school work before picking up his ipad in the mornings. He hasn't been doing that the last few days. That doesn't mean anything really, but he just can't shake his cough. So tomorrow we are taking him to the doctor. Hopefully, his cough can improve quickly or he will be sent to boarding school. Kidding...kind of.
  • Our school day went well today. As usual it things were busy, but we managed and everyone was finished at a decent time. Whitman and Anderson started off so well, but then they slowed down! I am just not sure about those two, but at least they enjoy the day. 
  • Whitman's favorite part of the school day is when he has to work with someone-each day he has to work with me, he also has science with Reagan and then more work with one of her other brothers or sisters. I do believe that he enjoys this work because it is more fun than his writing.
  • We had our lunches, did some more reading and then I headed to the dentist. The dentist is one of my least favorite places to go, but that's what being a grown up is all about. I did discover while I was there that I am not 42. I am 41. For some reason, I had convinced myself that I was already 42 so I guess it was a productive visit.
  • After the dentist, I took the kids to Third Realm. They jumped for a while before we headed to the library to pick up books. Seriously, I know that it is crazy especially since I am not a reader, but library day is my favorite day. I love getting books-now I don't love having over 100 books checked out, but I do adore my books. There are so many good ones. 
  • We arrived home, and Robby had supper ready for us. Yep, he is pretty super. Then he headed off to a meeting. He was gone a while but Keaton and I worked some legos, Campbell and I read, Graham and I worked on a sweatshirt and I help Whitman take a shower. So we were productive back on the homefront.
  • When Robby came home, the kids stayed up a bit more. Reagan actually did most of her school work for tomorrow. It was soon bed for the kids and ice cream time for us.

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