September 26, 2019

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  • Another day of school around here. I was expecting rain here this morning, but it never came. That was a good thing though because it would have ruined our afternoon plants. 
  • We zoomed through our together work and then worked on the rest of the day's school work. I did have a bit of a panic today when Reagan needed help with her math. I haven't had to help her figure out math in a long, long while so I was pretty worried that I wouldn't be able to help. But I still have it and was able to figure out her far at least.
  • I was working with people until 12:45. Then we had to scurry around to get ourselves ready and pick up the house. The kids grabbed lunch and many of them ate as we did some more reading.
  • After we read, we went to Raymar for the church's homeschool day. There were lots of buddies there, and everyone enjoyed playing. Well, Whitman may not have. He liked hanging out with Brody. They did discover a dead rat that kept their interest for a while. When Brodie left, Whitman somehow managed to get himself chased by the other little kids. This did not make him happy at all!
  • On the way home, we stopped by Dairy Queen for our weekly burgers. It was much later in the evening when we did eat supper, but those burgers supplemented what was left of our bbq. We ended up eating that supper a bit late because Robby spent the evening mowing plus Keaton and Whitman spent their evening playing outside.
  • Graham worked on his egg drop thing for tomorrow-a bag of popcorn. So we decided to have popcorn during our tv show before bed.

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