Florida February: February 10, 2020

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Anderson and Graham were awake early this morning. Graham went right to work on his school while Anderson waited as long as he could to get started. When I finally did go to wake up Campbell and Keaton, they were actually already awake in their beds working on their school. 

Whitman and Reagan were a bit more difficult to wake up. We didn't rush through school today-I was able to fold laundry and sweep the floor of the house while we worked. I tell you the broom in this house is horrible. However, that doesn't change all of the stuff we have on the floors here. I guess our carpet at home hides the filth in our house. I sure don't like our carpet at home, but I sure don't like seeing stuff on this floor all of the time.

We even did our work together today which has kind of fallen by the wayside. Around noonish we all had a bite of lunch. Then a bit later, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I went to the basketball court while Robby ran to Chilis. Robby had a coupon expiring and wanted to use it. While we waited on him to return with our snack, we played a few rounds of basketball. Actually, we played some basketball but did a lot of sweating-it was warm today!

Robby picked up cheese dip, salsa, a cookie along with some nachos. It was delicious, and we devoured all of that at the basketball court picnic area. The others opted to stay back at the house so they missed out on that round of goodies.

I did lay down for a few minutes today. Then around 3:30, we loaded up for the evening. Tonight's adventure started at the Contemporary. We parked and rode the monorail there. Keaton has been collecting Transportation cards, but there are also Safety cards to collect. Those are given out by the police men. However, Keaton is a bit intimidated by them and rarely asks. Actually she is losing her nerve and is asking few people lately.

The Contemporary was neat. We looked at the murals, watched the monorails go by, and even ate a cupcake (two actually) from the bakery. The cupcake was delicious-the cake part was just okay, but the ton of icing on the top was what was really fun.

After exploring for a while, we walked to the Magic Kingdom. It wouldn't be a bad walk, but all of the construction happening caused it to a be a bit longer than usual. Once we got to Main Street, the little 3 all wanted their picture in front of the castle. I am glad that they still enjoy coming!

We did the Tomorrowland Transit cars once tonight. Then we rode Space Mountain. After Space, we stopped and ate what we had packed for supper-sandwiches, crackers and cheese. Then it was to Buzz for a spin. The fireworks were happening when we left that ride, so the lines were less. Everoyne but Robby, Reagan, Whitman and I went to the speedway cars again. We chose Winnie the Pooh. 

Then the kids all rode the Speedway cars again. They really wanted to do it one more time tonight, but seriously, we have to save something for another day. We did walk all the way across the park for Thunder Mountain. And finally, we ended the night and closed the park at Haunted Mansion.

My goal is to stay super late one night and have to be kicked out of the park. That wasn't tonight since they were having an afterhours party. We walked through one gift shop on the way out tonight, but were soon on the monorail back to our car.

The kids all had to have showers tonight so it was after 11 when everyone finally did go to bed. We are sleeping until 8 around here so they still should get plenty of sleep!

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