Florida February: February 5, 2020

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I forgot to mention the other day that in the middle of the night, I was awoken to the sound of Robby singing. He occasionally says a word or two in his sleep, and I usually wake up enough to laugh at him and harass him a little bit. However, when I heard him singing I was so exhausted that I couldn't even say anything myself. I am sure that he sang something like "beautiful vine." I am not sure where that came from, but I guess when you spend so much time at Disney you are bound to sing even in your dreams.

This morning we started waking up before 8. I let most folks sleep until 8, but since Graham was already finished with his school work I checked his work. Soon Keaton and Campbell were done, and I was checking their work and giving them spelling words while pointing to Whitman's math problems to keep him on track.

Soon it was 11, and we were scrambling around getting lunches made and prepping to go the park. That always takes a bit longer than we think, but we were still there just minutes after the Crafts. Our first stops this morning were all about the Festival of Arts.

They had a huge paint by numbers canvas that each person was given a brush and numbered paint. Everyone was told to paint 6 squares with their number. It was super fun to get to do this. Last night, we saw the completed mural from the other day. However, when we walked by at the end of the day, the mural wasn't completed yet-maybe we will need to run by there tomorrow to see it.

There were intricate chalk drawings along the sidewalk. There was even a 3D chalk drawing-it didn't look like much but when you took a picture of it, it was pretty cool and definitely 3D. From there, we caught the boat to the middle of the World Showcase.

The littles are all collecting cards from each country. That is fun and by the end of the day, we only had 3 different countries that we haven't gotten cards from. Now, there are 11 Epcot countries and really, I want to have food from each one as well. We have only done France so that leaves 10 more for us to fully explore. We have a lot of eating left to do on this little trip!

They had an animation class in the America area today. Winnie the Pooh was the aninal that we drew. We received our clipboards, paper and pencils and got ready for a class. Poor Whitman was not happy at all about the class since he didn't think he did well enough last time. By the end of this class most of the kids felt this way. 

The instructor went pretty fast-well, he went very fast. It was hard for me to keep up and Whitman was always many steps behind. Even though it was pretty quick, we all did end up with some neat pictures to save. Tonight Keaton was drawing Minnie mouse while Anderson was in his room drawing Pooh. And even Reagan had drawn Pooh on the back of her school work today. I guess that they must enjoy these art classes a bit if they are still drawing afterwards.

After our drawing class, we watched the American Adventure film. Robby had teased the kids with a quiz and sure enough he took notes during the film. Pretty much everyone was able to answer a question or two, but Graham did answer the most. He was told that he could skip one school thing tomorrow-of course, I did pick the easiest thing for him to skip!

We then mosied on down the country row for a stop to collect a few more carsd. We did stop briefly in the United Kingdom for the kids to run around in the maze for a little bit. Then it was to Soarin for another ride. While the child swap riders went, the rest of us had what was left of our food and some coke. 

Then we split up-some went to Nemo while the others went to Figment. I took the Figment crew, and they enjoyed playing in the room after the little ride. Then we met back up with everyone. Our crew thne headed home since it was nearly 7, and we had lots of leftovers in the fridge to eat.

We cleaned up everything in the fridge except our leftover chili. That will be for another night. The kdis all had showers and then worked on their Disney pins some. I played a two games and most everyone played a little bit. Then before 10, everyone went to bed. 

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