Florida February: February 18, 2020

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The original pan had been to wake up early this morning and go to Hollywood Studios at 7:30. Around 7, people started coming to our room asking if we were indeed leaving. We had pretty much decided to stay home the night before when we came home and both big boys were sound asleep.

Since everyone but Reagan was awake already, we did decide that we might as well go to Hollywood for a little bit. We knew that we wouldn’t be there in time to ride a rope drop ride, but we would still be able to use our Fast Pass. 

Robby gave people the option of stay home-well, everyone but Whitman. We didn’t let him choose since he would always pick staying home. Anderson said that he might go, and Reagan said no. However, when it was time to leave everyone, even Reagan, climbed in the car. I’m glad that my people still enjoy a quick outing the parks.

We had a Fast Pass for my favorite ride, Tower of Terror. We were shocked as we entered the park at the crowds. We didn’t have bags so I didn’t really notice the security lines. However, I had never seen so many people in line for tickets. The lines for the gates were crazy long though we can navigate those pretty quickly. Also the lines for coffee and doughnuts were insane. We would never be able to say that there aren’t many folks at Disney in February. It seems to be a pretty full month.

After we rode Tower of Terror, we went over to watch a short clip of the new cartoon Onward. Before the clip, Whitman wasn’t sure if he wanted to watch that movie or Scooby Doo. By the end, he knew that he wanted to watch Scooby and not Onward. Keaton, on the other hand, wants to use her movie gift card to watch Onward.

We then left the parks, and even had trouble finding our van in the parking lot. This was the first time that we had done this. As we even walked a way from our spot earlier, Robby had said that he didn’t take a picture. Maybe we will be a bit more vigilant with that from now on. We were just two or three rows off and found it without a problem.

Back at the house, there was school to be done along with laundry and lots of sweeping. There just isn’t that much downtime here in Florida. We are busy all of the time it seems. Today there wasn’t even time for swimming or the nature walk that I want to go on nearby our house. 

Around 3, we put on our red and headed to cheer on the Hogs. It was about a 2 hour drive with only one stop for a bathroom. I drove most of the way eating my peanut butter m&ms-they are my driving candy now. Robby had his box of lemonheads ready but didn’t get into them.

So the part of tonight that we will always remember was supper. We went into Steak n Shake to grab a bite of food. Robby forgot and thought that we ordered at the counter and was surprised when they sat us down to order. This would have  been fine, but we were a bit short on time. After waiting a few minutes and not getting our waters, and then when the lady said that they couldn’t substitute shake flavors, Robby decided that we better just skip supper. So we all traipsed out of the restaurant. The kids all understood that we just didn’t think we had enough time-well, everyone but Whitman who just kept asking, “so we aren’t going to eat?” and Campbell who desperately wanted a shake.

Arbys was right across the street so we ordered food from there. It didn’t take anytime at all, and we gobbled down our food on the way to the basketball game. We searched a bit of parking and eventually had to pay. That was fine though since 20 bucks is better than a ticket.

We then walked to the stadium and found our seats. We were a bit higher than I expected, but a bit lower than we have always been in Fayetteville. The light show at the beginning of the game was pretty amazing-like the lights shining on the castle. There weren’t many Hog fans there-maybe 20 and that is counting the 8 of us.

I guess you can count all 8 of us. At one point, Whitman did cover his shirt and start shouting “Go Gators” with the rest of the crowd. The game wasn’t that great for us Hog fans. It actually got quite ugly at a point. Then we moved closer and almost came back a few times. The game was still a fun, new adventure, but the shakes that Robby promised us at the end did make for a sweet ending.

We went to another Shake N Steak on the way back to the house. Keaton was pretty concerned that we were at the same one as before. I guess she didn’t want them to remember us as the people that walked out. We used the restroom and left with shakes and waters for everyone. 

The shakes made the drive home seem shorter. Robby and I quickly drank ours-then finished Reagan’s when she passed hers up, then Campbell’s, then Anderson’s and finally Graham’s shake. I am not sure what is wrong with these kids not being able to drink all of their shakes. We didn’t even buy them big ones. Keaton and Whitman opted for a can of coke instead of a shake so they were able to finish theirs no problem.

There was hardly anyone at all on the road so we sailed on back to the house. We made it in by 11:30, and the kids were shortly in bed. I pulled out school for tomorrow and will crawl in bed soon!

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