Florida February: February 4, 2020

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I am not too sure what we were thinking this morning when we decided to wake up the crew at 6 to leave the house at 6:30. Poor Whitman had already slept 10 hours and probably could have slept a few more. I know that I could have slept a few more hours!

We were at Hollywood Studios before 7 and soon found the Crafts. Then we hustled through the bag check line before entering the park. We were in the park around 7, but it did not officially open until 8. We stood in the line for Toy Story Land for about an hour, but there was plenty to see while we waited. 

At almost 8, the entire crowd pulled out their phones. Robby and I both used our phones to get boarding passes for the Rise of the Resistance for us and the Crafts. I was actually able to beat Robby and get passes for the crew. We were in boarding group 62-everything 63 and higher were considered back up and were not guaranteed.

We were tickled with that number and started our day with a shuffle towards the Slinky Dog roller coaster. We rode it before using our Fast Pass at Toy Story Mania. After that ride, we went to meet Mickey and Minnie. My Keaton and Whitman were the only ones who went on that adventure. Reagan did too but just to play with Gabriel. Whitman did not want his picture made with Minnie or the girls, but he certainly wanted a picture with Mickey. 

When we left that area, we walked to Star Tours for a ride on that. The Crafts did a ride swap so Graham rode that ride again while the rest of us had a break and a snack. By this time, the Star Wars ride was nearing our number so we walked to the Little Mermaid show. 

That is always a neat show to see and kept our interest. The next stop was the walk through about Walt Disney. At the end, there was a neat film about his life-Whitman said that it was a good movie. I am not too sure though because I slept through the entire thing. I rested my head on his shoulder and was out like a light though!

From the movie, we ventured over to Star Wars land since it was almost our turn. By the time we made it, they called our boarding group. The new ride is really pretty neat. It is full of things to look at, and I was able to soak more of it in this time. Since the Crafts did a child swap, Casey took Abigail and Anderson back on the ride. Anderson really enjoyed getting to go an extra time. 

From there we headed out of the park and back to the house. I had gotten out quite a bit of school work for the kids to do today-I am trying to ween them off of only doing half each day and start doing a little bit more. We will see how easy that is. Half of school didn't take them too long at all, but it was easier on me!

Around 7 tonight, the Crafts arrived over with their crew. We passed out the kids ChickFilA and gave a few last minute instructions before the adults snuck off for Epcot. We left Reagan in charge, and I do think that she did probably very good. The baby was a bit fussy-some even sad most of the time. However, she didn't seemed to phased by it. And despite my protests she was paid...and paid well.

Poor Gabriel may not have had a great time, but the adults sure did. We walked all around the countries starting with a Mexican dish. I am not really sure what was on it-bbq pork, beans and some other goodness in some type of pastry.

The next stop was somewhere in Japan for potstickers, mashed potatoes and a mushroom (which made my gag-the mushroom not the other food.) Then there was China and potstickers and egg rolls. That was my favorite stops. Finally, we ended the night in France with creme brulee along with a chocolate pastry.

We were able to make it around the World Showcase and even saw a bit of the fireworks before rushing back to the car. One Craft was asleep when we made it home and two others were pretty tired. I asked Whitman if he had a good evening and he was quick to reply that he had a great night. He added that he watched some movies and played his ipad. I am so glad that the kids all got along this evening.

As soon as the Crafts left, we started herding people to their beds. Keaton was pretty exhausted tonight. Waking up early and having a full day is tough on little people-and big people!

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