Florida February: February 12, 2020

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As you probably guessed, we didn't make it to Magic Kingdom for opening this morning. We quickly realized that it would be difficult getting oursleves and the sleeping kids awake. I do think that Campbell was the most bummed about not going. We might do some speed park things in the morning so that will probably make up for it.

Since we didn't get up and go, I had to pull out the rest of school for everyone. Today was finished our 10th day of school since we have been here. Now, I know that doesn't sound like a lot of real schooler people, but since we just did 12 days in January, I am feeling pretty good about accomplishing 10. My super de-duper goal would be 20, but since that won't happen, 15 will thrill me! 

Graham didn't start off immediately on his school. That was fine with me. I worked with Whitman first. Then on to Keaton, Graham, Anderson, Reagan and finally Campbell. We were all finished in time for us to work together-that I have been lacking on.

Next up was swimming by Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Whitman was the one who wanted to go first and was even determined to swim if no one else did. I sat our there some, but quickly found out that the water was icy cold. Even though it was hot outside, I would still shiver when I was splashed.

Around 12:30, Robby heated up bagel bites which we ate before packing our suppers for tonight. Then it was off for the day. We parked our car at Hollywood and jumped on the Skyliner. We rode to the first stop to walk around the Carribbean Beach resort. We have stayed there before, but it has been years.

We had forgotten how huge that place is. Also, we did take a break from walking in the heat to buy a child's plate of jerk chicken. It was delicious rice and some of the best chicken ever. It was also topped with tomatoes and some other green veggie. Of course I am the only one who eats these so I had myself more food than anyone else. And in case you are wondering, we do pretty good at splitting a child's portion 8 ways.

Then we walked on to the Riviera Resort. It was new and swanky, but I wasn't too impressed with the lobby. Some of these lobby's are massive and just neat to see while others are average hotel lobbys. I know you don't spend anytime in a hotel lobby, but I do tend to like the large ones like Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Grand Floridian.

We then rode on the Skyliner back to Hollywood. Our first stop was the Beauty and the Beast show. It was our first time to see it in many years. It was really good-Whitman told me that he loves plays. Then we walked right into the Lightening McQueen show. Keaton and Campbell had already seen this with the Crafts, but I think they enjoyed it again. Robby did ask them if Lightening won the race in the show that they watched!

Graham, Campbell, Reagan and Keaton decided to ride Tower of Terror. Whitman, Anderson, Robby and I headed to see the Frozen show. First we sat down for some popcorn. Anderson did say that he was probably ready to build his droid so off with went. 

When we had walked over there the other day, the line was crazy-out the door and down the path. I had looked to make a reservation that night, but they wanted a credit card so I decided I would wait. Tonight, Anderson and Robby were able to walk right on up.

The droid pieces go by you on a conveyor belt so they waited until the found exactly what Anderson wanted. Then they had to assemble it which I think was pretty neat. Whitman and I watched from behind a rail since we couldn't go back into the assembly area with them. 

Anderson drove his droid around for a bit before we boxed him up and headed to eat our supper. After eating our lunchables, we went straight for Rock N Roller coaster. The original plan was for Anderson to hold the droid box on the coaster, but his car had a large front area so we switched my bag for his droid as we were loading.

That left me on the ride that I dislike trying to hold on to that droid with one hand and trying to hold on for dear life with the other hand. My thighs were even sore when we stopped because I was squeezing that box for dear life. 

I survived the ride and so did the droid. I am pretty sure that everyone loves that ride except for me. Put me on Tower of Terror any day of the week, but not that ride. I told Whitman that I would ride one more time on this trip, and than I would be done with it.

It was 7:50 by now so we hurried over to Slinky Dog and jumped into that line. The line said 40 minutes, but by 8:15, we were off the ride and walking towards the exit of the park. It was a pretty productive day. Here are the things that were marked off of the list:

-Explore Caribbean Beach Resort
-Explore Rivieria Resort
-Watch Beauty and the Beast
-Watch Lightening McQueen show
-Build Anderson's Christmas Droid

That isn't too shabby at all. Now, I still have 64 more things to mark off of my lists. I guess I will have to content with not accomplishng it all!

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