Florida February: February 3, 2020

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Animal Kingdom opened today at 8 for resort guests, but we still tried our best to make it there by 9 today so we could ride Everest a few times. We struggled a bit getting ourselves out of bed, and then getting the kids out of bed wasn’t any easier at all. They are plumb exhausted-especially Keaton and Whitman. I move dhim to our bed and soon Keaton was sound asleep beside him in our bed this morning.

We were a minute later than we wanted to be so Robby dropped us off at guest drop off. That worked out great because all of the construction has the trams at all of the parks dropping guests off so far a way from the front that riding a tram doesn’t really help that much. So being dropped off is definitely the way to go.

We hustled to bag check. The bag check line was minimal so that was nice. Then the kids and I scurried to Everest. Graham and Campbell jumped in the single ride line and rode twice by the time that we went through the line one time. Keaton did the single ride line once so I joined with her. When I was waiting for that ride, Reagan come up to me to tell me that she left her ears on the ride.

I told her who to tell so she headed off in that direction. When I got off the ride, she was still waiting as the lady checked each train that came through. I was about to give up, but lo and behold the very next car had them. Reagan was relieved, but so were we all. 

Soon Traci and her crew was there. We met them and watched the Up bird show together. It was pretty neat seeing all of the birds flying around the theater. Campbell said that Grannymom would enjoy it. Graham was even able to throw a grape in the air for a bird to fly up and catch it.

The next thing that we did was to collect a few stickers for their kids’ Wilderness Explorer badges. There are a total of 29 but by the end of the day, we had collected 11 so that wasn’t too shabby. Graham only did it because Abigail did, Reagan and Anderson didn’t participate. However, Whitman soaks every bit of it in and really enjoys it.

Then as we waited for the Nemo show to start, we all ate our lunchables. This walking miles and miles a day makes people hungry. The Nemo show was pretty good-except their were benches so I really couldn’t take a little nap. Now Graham did lay his head on my shoulder and snoozed through most of it. 

After Nemo, we worked on earning some more badges and even rode the spiny dinosaur ride. Then some of my crew was able to jump in the single rider line for Everest. Whitman was fine not being able to do it-he needs to be 7. Before and after this, we had snacks and drinks from the never ending bag of snacks that Robby totes around.

Our last stop for the day was the Dinosaur ride. Then we headed out of the park around 3 or 4. I am not even sure what time it was. When we made it back to the house, the kids finished up their 3rd day of school. Robby made chili while I did some spelling with Keaton. 

We cleaned up the kitchen before heading to the pool. I ended up with the pool people, Keaton, Campbell and Whitman. They didn't think that it was cold in the heated pool, but I am currently sitting beside the pool wearing my heaviest coat that I brought along with a towel wrapped around me. I am trying to type quickly because my fingers are starting to feel numb-seriously.

Robby is off with the big 3 at the basketball courts. He wrote a little bit ago and told me that it was warmer there, but I do not believe him. After the pool our plan is to head back to the house for showers for all along with a bit of history reading to do. Tonight needs to be an early night because we have a very early morning. 

Update: After coming in for showers and a bit of school, Whitman was asleep before 8:15. 

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