Florida February: February 8, 2020

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Some days I have to think really hard to remember what we have done. Today would be one of those days. I had a few opportunities to work on the blog during the day, but I squandered those. That was fine though because it has been a pretty great day.

This was our first day without the Crafts so we were on our on. We left about 7:15 this morning to make it to Hollywood Studios. We knew that we were a bit behind the other day plus we knew that the crowds would be weekend level. We were shocked though when we made it to the front parking gates, and the lines were 20-30 cars deep stretching across 8 lanes. 

We were pretty sure by this time that we were not going to get in the park by opening at 8. That was fine though because we have rode Rise of Resistance quite a few times already. We left the bags in the car to optimize our chances and headed to the gates.

We did make it in and were near Tower of Terror when the clock struck 8. We were both trying our hardest to get a boarding group. Robby was able to (my phone never even got me close). Our group was in the 70s. It could have been a good number if it would have happened in the morning or even much later in the evening. 

We did watch the boarding groups tick by in the morning, but not quite fast enough. Our first stop was Tower of Terror. This is my absolute favorite ride. The group that we were on the ride with was lively and that made it more fun. I laughed the entire time we flew up and down.

Then we headed to Rock N Roller Coaster. Whitman had been so patiently waiting for this day-his first upside down roller coaster. They checked his height twice, and we all let out a collective sigh of relief when he was tall enough to ride. He loved it and said that it was his favorite ride. Now, he also said that this was his favorite ride before he actually rode on it.

We debated staying longer to watch Beauty and the Beast (it is on my must do list) but opted to head on out. Not too many people were leaving the park around 9:30. We decided that we needed some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This shop was nice and new and pretty yummy. There were no free samples, but we bought plenty for today and tomorrow's breakfast.

Back at the house, the kids finished up some of their school from yesterday. Then Robby, Keaton, Campbell and I went to the Walmart for some more groceries. We will end up taking more food home than what we brought. I can't say enough how odd this Walmart is-they definitely cater to beach people and theme park people. For example-most stores probably don't have hundreds of strollers for sale or shelves and shelves of ponchos. Plus the crowds, oh my, the crowds! It is exciting yet also makes me pretty nervous.

Once we came home, the boys watched a little bit of football before we loaded up around 2 or 3. We dropped off Robby and Graham. Then the rest of us went back to Hollywood Studios. We rode the Rise ride. It is always enjoyable, but also much fun watching people ride it for the first time. 

Then we walked around the Droid place where Anderson is going to come soon for his Christmas presents. I tried to get the kids to stop at a character for autographs, but when Campbell and Keaton saw the line they said that they were fine. Keaton did get a new Safety Card-she is working hard on her Disney collections. Today she said that she couldn't wait to show Grannymom all of her cards and stickers that she had collected.

We then went back to the house for supper-chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. I still had some school to finish up with Keaton and Whitman that we did. Then we played a few games and just hung out until I had to leave to pick up the boys.

Graham received the NBA experience for his Christmas present. He loved it-he would go back tomorrow, he enjoyed it so much. There were lots of stations-wing span, shooting. You could hold the trophy and take a pictures with the commissioner. There was a list of things that Graham rattled off telling me all about it.

They played until super time and then found some yummy burgers to eat for supper. Graham said that his was so big that he couldn't finish it all. When they finished supper, they went back to the NBA experience for some more playing. Graham even left with a new personalized magic band with his name on it along with a basketball playing Mickey Mouse. He was so proud of it!

When they had done everything there was to do, they went to the bus stop to ride to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Now I could have come back to Disney Spings to pick them up, but Robby decided that this was more exciting. 

I drove right over there and soon found them. Instead of picking them up, I got out and joined them in exploring the lobby. The lobby was beautiful. The two highlights were using the night vision goggles to see the animals (we really didn't see any animals though), but the night vision goggles were cool. And we stopped for a zebra dome for a little dessert before going back to the house. 

When we made it back home, it was almost 10 so the kids were scurried to bed. We opted not to do laundry tonight (I did one load today), and instead we are baking our Sunday lunch before we go to sleep tonight.

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