Florida February: February 23, 2020

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Our silly alarms went off too early this morning. When I groggily walked through the living room heading for the bathroom, all of the grandparents were up, dressed and happily drinking their coffee. We didn't have a lot of extra time this morning, but Robby was able to make some eggs, biscuit and sausage for the kids.

We again went to First Baptist Orlando and made it in time for their traditional worship service. And we had church! It was a really good service. I can't say that I particularly miss hearing a pipe organ, but it does bring back some sweet memories of church long ago when I do hear it. And Whitman still can not get over how much it sounds like a baseball game.

We all squeezed back in the car and headed back to the house. I worked on lunch while Grannymom, Reagan, Graham, Campbell and Keaton took a walk. Grandpa and Pops eventually went on a drive to scope out the neighborhood. Robby listened to our church on the phone. 

Soon our chicken spaghetti, green beans and bread was ready. We all dove into it-Robby and I were a bit worried that we wouldn't have enough. I think that everyone had all that they wanted and we still had a ton left over. We finished our meal with Grannymom's cake from last night. Apparently, the too many cooks in the kitchen did not spoil the cake. It could have only been better if we had a mixer to mix it better. It was pretty delicious though!

We then had a bit of downtime-some kiddos swam and some adults slept! We all loaded up to head to the Art of Animation to go to their drawing class. But poop, if we didn't have the wrong time for the class and missed it by an hour. That was fine though because we took another ride or two or three on the Skyliner and ended up on the Boardwalk right by Ample Hills Creamery.

Everyone had a bit of ice cream to cool us off after our walk and rides. The weather today was pretty warm in the sun, but we found perfect spots to sit in the shade while Robby, Grannymom and Nonna waited in the ice cream line. 

From there, we found our way to the boat back to Hollywood. Then it was back on the Skyliner to go back to the car. It seems that our goal today was to ride every single mode of transportation available. We drove to the Port Orleans French Quarter.

We have stayed there before many, many years ago. It is such a pretty place. We all ate some supper there-pizza, pasta and a huge bowl of Jambalaya for Robby and me. After eating, we moseyed over to the Riverside part of the resort. It was a bit of a walk, but it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

We then took the little boat back to the French Quarter. Some of the kids had already walked back and were playing on the playground there. Whitman and Campbell played a bit longer and played with some kids from England-not too many places can you play on the playground with kids that are from another country.

I didn't let them stay too much extra, because Robby was inside the building buying some beignets. They were fun and messy. Even Whitman and Keaton tried them which is always surprising. After our snack, we then headed back to the house-it was nearly 9 and bedtime for the crew. For Robby and me, it was kind of an early night so we had some extra computer/tv time.

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