Florida February: February 14, 2020-Happy Valentine's Day!

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We started our Valentine's morning around 8 this morning. Keaton, Whitman and Campbell had already finished their school work. Those girls helped Whitman do his math so they were all just waiting on me to work with them. 

Within in an hour, I was finisihed with everyone else, and we were scurrying around cleaning and packing up the house! Before we left, Keaton and Campbell had made everyone Valentine's cards at home and bought candy at Walmart for everyone a few days before. They had worked really hard on their Valentines. 

On the other side of the spectrum is Robby and me-on our quick trip to Walmart last night, we grabbed some candy for our 6 little Valentines. Now, Robby also did some planning ahead. Each year he gets me a picture calendar for Valentines. He has made these calendars for me for at least a decade. My old calendar ends in February each year so I was extremely happy to have a new one. Now, I can't start on adding things now-I have to decide if I want to color coordinate all of our activites this year.

By 10, we were about to load the car when we quickly discovered that it was raining! Not just sprinkling, but it was raining a lot! We waited for a few minutes for the rain to stop before loading up.

We were soon on our way to the Yacht Club to eat Beaches and Cream. The rain had cleared so we first walked all around the Yacht Club then we explored the Beach Club before finding our restaurant. The Beaches and Cream restaurant was pretty neat.

We had a good meal of burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries. That wasn't the most exciting part of the meal. For desssert, we ordered the Kitchen Sink. It was a huge kitchen sink completely filled with ice cream. There were 8 scoops, every topping that they have plus a whole can of whipped cream. It was absolutely crazy and was so much fun! The crazy part was that we couldn't even finish it all. Robby and Campbell did give it a valiant effort but just couldn't do it.

Afterwards, we needed to walk off our lunch before getting in the car so we headed over to Epcot. We were over there for about 10 minutes before turning around and walking back towards the car. We then drove about an hour and a half to Melbourne, Florida. 

We are in a Crowne Plaza that has recently been redone. It is nice and our room is just feet away from the pool. After arriving, we unloaded our stuff and went out to explore. There really wasn't much to explore since our room is right next to pool and the beach is right nearby as well. We were soon back in our room with the kids changing into bathing suits.

We went to the beach for everyone to play. The waves were pretty high so they didn't get it in too deep. It was also chilly and windy today. The last few days have been in the 80s but today it was just around 75. And the wind! I was cuddled up in my jacket and a towel wrapped around me.

Campbell is our water loving child and could have stayed at the beach forever. Whitman loves it just about as much. Anderson and Graham played football for quite a while. Reagan huddled under a towel. Keaton also enjoyed it quite a bit but was soon ready to go to the pool after finding some shells.

We then moved our party to the pool area. Everyone swam except for Reagan. She did put her feet in the hot tub as did I. The hot tub was magnificent-enough so that Robby even put his suit on to get in it. Soon everyone did start trickling in our rooms to take showers. It was nice since the rooms were right there. They could go in and we could stay and watch the last few swimmers. Whitman was the last one in the pool-I know that I have said it before, but he can swim but it is not pretty at all.

After eveyone had showered, we went to our rooms for a little bit. Since the hot natured boys are not in our room, I have the air off and it is nice and cozy. The girls played on their ipads for a little bit while I tried to work on the blog. I didn't get very far on the blog-I think I was distracted with listening to the band playing by the pool. I expect that we will hear them for a little while tonight-some people may not like that, but I think it is pretty neat.

Since we were still full from our big lunch, we didn't need much for supper. We did drive around town looking for some place to eat. We tried a pizza place, but since we didn't have reservations we were turned away. It wasn't even that fancy of a place. We also drove by a fun looking hot dog/ice cream joint. If we had not already had our fill of ice cream, we would have definitely stopped there to eat-it looked like so much fun.

We did find a quaint little place that had a familiar menu. It also wasn't too crowded at all. Yep, McDonalds! Robby did laugh because our whole meal for 8 for supper cost less than one hamburger earlier today cost. Our meal was warm and filled us up, so I sure can't complain at all.

I do have the snack bag in my room so I might just get myself a snack in a little bit. After supper, we headed back to the hotel to do a little bit of crab hunting. Unfortunately, we didn't see any crabs-probably because they were preparing for a hurricane that is coming. The wind is blowing like crazy outside! 

We didn't make it very far because we were chilled to the bone. I know it is in the 30s at home, but we have acclimated for Florida weather and 70 is chilly to me now. Soon we were headed back to our rooms. It is almost 9, the girls have had showers, the blog is written and my people are starting to brush their teeth. 

My girls have big plans to make it to the beach tomorrow for sunrise. Reagan even said that she is going to go with us. We will see who all wakes up! 

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