Florida February: February 28, 2020

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I was sleeping so peacefully last night when Anderson popped in our room around 5-he was sick! Ugh! He told me that he knew he was going to be sick, and thought about heading to the bathroom but didn't know if he could make it. I encouraged him to try next time! 

It was fine though because hard wood floors make clean up easy. He took a quick shower afterwards while I cleaned up. Then I tucked him back in bed-I did offer for him to sleep in our bed or on the couch, but he opted for his bed. 

I then went to sleep and slept until crazy late in the morning. It was so nice to look at the clock and see that it had been awhile since Anderson was sick so must be on the mend. He did later decide that the reason he had gotten sick was because he had indeed eaten one green pea in the rice last night. Hopefully, that is indeed what caused it! And I pray that everyone sleeps well tonight!

The kids had a tiny bit of school to do today. As soon as they finished what they were working on, I grabbed their books and started packing them up. They have completed a lot of paper work since we have been here so I know that load is lighter, but I can't really tell that. 

It is incredibly sad to be packing up. This trip has been super long but feels like it has been just a few days. I could stay for a few more days-or maybe a bit longer. I think that Graham would be happy to stay longer but Whitman really wants to go home so he can have better internet (the internet is the same!)

Robby burnt some pizza for lunch. When we dipped it in ranch, it was pretty delicious still. After picking up a few things and packing a few more things, it was time to leave for the day. We did decide to run by the outlet store again. Seriously, we must stop going there. We did buy 2 more pairs of ears for Keaton and Campbell to share. Reagan bought a pair of Donald Duck ears while Graham found himself a shirt.

Afterwards, we were so, so close to the Cheesecake Factory that we just had to run in. Well, Robby ran in to pick up two slices of cheese cake-one cookie dough and one Hersheys. They were both delicious. Robby, I and our cheesecake eaters (Reagan and Graham) ate them up as we drove to Epcot.

At Epcot we traded pins first, of course. We rode the Figment ride before watching the short films. Then we walked around the World Showcase for a bit. We rode the boat to Morocco and then found a funnel cake in the US. The funnel cake had been on Campbell's list so she was able to mark that off.

We tried to find a snack in Italy, but their pizza by the slice was closed. We also tried to get a hot dog or pretzel in Germany, but their lines were crazy long. We will have to save having a snack in those to countries for the next trip.

Soon we were back to the front. Most everyone rode the ball again while Keaton and I walked to the car. At the car, we put a few things up and grabbed jackets for everyone along with hats and gloves for a few. We met up with them and rode the monorail and eventually arrived at Magic Kingdom.

We rode the Buzz ride. We have been reading about how to increase our score, and everyone did do a lot better. Whitman even manged to get over 200,000. The goal is 999,999 yet our highest is just 400K.

Next we had a Space Mountain fastpass. It wasn't working so we could choose what to use the fastpass on. We grabbed some fries and a hot dog to share as we ate our snacky supper from our bag. Reagan, Keaton and Campbell went to ride Winnie the Pooh. They were in line when it broke down, so they also received a fastpass.

We all went to Splash Mountain to use some of our passes. Then everyone rode Thunder. Afterwards, a few folks were able to ride it again. By this time, it was park closing time so we wandered around the gift shop for a little bit. Whitman and Graham even share a bucket full of popcorn.

Then it was back to the monorail to get back to Epcot. Keaton did get two of her monorail cards that she needed tonight, so she was super happy. I even found a lucky penny on the walk back to the car so our evening ended much better than last nights!

The kids were all exhausted by the time everyone put on their pjs and climbed into bed-they should have been exhausted though because it was nearly midnight.

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