Florida February: February 1, 2020

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Let's talk about this Saturday morning-it was raining and we had no place that we had to be. We knew the rain was coming so we decided to skip our first Fast Passes and just make the third. Whitman joined our bed around 7:30. He is pretty cuddly still and was back asleep in seconds.

We stayed there until 8:30 when I finally started to wake people up slowly. Campbell, Graham and Anderson were awake-two of those had already started and finished their school work. I was able to check and finish their school work. Then I urged Anderson to get started on his while finishing with Keaton.

It continued to rain all morning long-it was kind of peaceful watching the rain drops hit the pool. There was laundry and dishes to do, but I am actually trying to control my organizing tendencies in this house. There is one whole cabinet with tupperware thrown at the bottom. I haven't organized it yet, but I look at it every day and wonder how much longer until I break down and clean that cabinet up.

Some folks ate their lunches here while others packed lunch for the park. We left here around 12:45 and went to Epcot. I have a list of things that I want to do at Disney, and we were able to mark a few things off of the list tonight. Our first stop was the Epcot Experience where they show the future of Epcot on a 360 degree screen. It was pretty cool to see.

Afterwards we met up with the Crafts and walked towards Norway for our Frozen ride. The animatronics on the Frozen ride is really cool. Then we found the kid station and the girls and Whitman started their collection of cards from each country. We even found some "school bread" from Norway to munch on. We have heard that it is the most bought snack in Epcot-I'm not too sure about that since I have seen quite a few Mickey Pretzels and if beer is considered a snack, then school bread's record was broken tonight.

We then walked through China and saw their movie. It was neat to see-at one point Reagan even thought that we were moving. Then we moved on towards France were we caught the Beauty and the Beast Sing Along. That is one of my favorite movies so I really enjoyed it. It isn't like the Frozen sing along at all, but is still neat to see.

Then we headed back towards the ball for one more ride on it. They are going to redo it very soon so we don't know to what extent it will be changed. It could be a lot different which would make me a bit sad since it does tell quite a bit of history on the ride.

Keaton did spend some of her money tonight and bought herself a Minnie slap bracelet which matches Sophia's. She was so proud of it. Then we spent some time pin trading before leaving the park. For birthday and Christmas, Anderson received over 120 pins, and he only has 5 pins left to trade. He is my master trader and really enjoys it. And on the complete opposite extreme Whitman could care less!

When we finished pin trading, we walked to the car. We found Papa Johns pizza on the way home. We bought enough for tonight and for after church tomorrow. Then everyone started their showers-we have to be a bit careful cycling everyone through so as not to run out of hot water. It has been a bit chilly today so I am looking forward to my hot shower tonight, but the hot water heater has plenty of time to rewarm by the time I take my shower.

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