Florida February: February 9, 2020

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The alarms seemed to go off pretty early last night. Not nearly as early as last Sunday though. The kids all woke up pretty good. Surprisingly, not everyone ate the leftover donuts for breakfast. I am pretty sure that there are a few left in the box even right now. 

Today we went back to First Baptist Orlando, but we tried their modern worship service. It is indeed modern. I think that anytime a smoke machine is used in a worship service, then modern would be an adequate word to describe it. 

The preaching, however, was very good. It was actually a very clear salvation message. We did sit in a less distracting spot today so I was able to concentrate better. I did, however, keep my eye on that countdown clock. I have heard that we need on at our church too!

On the way home, we made a stop at the craziest outlet mall ever. The mall wasn't that crazy, but the parking lot was. We almost gave up, but finally found a parking spot and had to squeeze our not so little car into it. It was dicey there for a few minutes. 

We went to a Disney Outlet store. It is things that they are no longer selling in the parks. For example, when we were at the parks in December, there was a Christmas bag that I really wanted. You had to spend 50 dollars then and could buy the bag for 19.99. However, there were stacks of them today for 10 dollars. You better believe that I got myself one!

I also bought a 12 days of Socks box for 10 dollars. It has 12 pairs of Disney socks in it. Yep, those babies will show up in some stockings. And Whitman found a shirt that he wanted so we also bought it. They even had some Mickey ears, but Robby couldn't get the girls interested in buying another pair. They all said, "we already have a pair." I am glad that think that way, but these ears were 1/3 the price of in the park. It was a fun stop, and we will definitely stop there again.

Robby and I had baked a frozen meal last night so it would be partially ready today when we came home for lunch. By the time everyone changed, Robby had our baked ziti heated up along with a loaf of bread. We ate on it-it didn't go super far. Reagan decided that she needed to finish it off and licked the pan clean.

We had a short rest this afternoon and then got started on tonight's adventure. I went to bed last night a bit concerned about my fairly massive list of things to do while we are on our little trip. I had no idea that today I would be able to mark off nine different things from the list. I probably should have kept a copy of the list before I started marking things off. Here is what we accomplished today.

-Disney Outlet Store
-Explore Pop Century Resort
-Explore Art of Animation
-Animation Class at Art of Animation
-Boardwalk at Sunset
-Explore Boardwalk Resort
-The Flight at Ample Hills Creamery
-Canada Film
-Canada Kidcot Card

This afternoon we left and parked at Hollywood. We took the Skyliner to the first stop and changed to ride towards the Pop Century Resort. We walked around that resort-it is massive. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the things there. Graham is convinced that he wants to come back and stay onsite so we can have the meal plan. 

We then walked across the bridge to the Art of Animation Resort. As we swifly walked, the kids ran ahead to slide down a Little Mermaid themed slide. Inside that resort, we looked around, traded pins, window shopped their food choices and did another drawing class.

The kids did really well as we drew Tigger. I have a pile of papers from all of the art classes that we have been to. I think that we might even go to another one since they all do seem to like it. From there, we had intended to continue on the Skyliner and ride it to Epcot.

However, that line was down so our options were bussing it to Epcot or riding back to Hollywood. We chose riding back to Hollywood. That worked our well because by this time, it was a bit chilly, and we needed our jackets.

Robby went back the car with Graham to get the jackets while Keaton, Whitman and I hunted for transportation and safety cards. We didn't do too good in our search today, but I do think that she found a few new cards.

We then walked towards Epcot on the mile-ish pathway. The weather was absolutely perfect for us on our little walk. Now in November, Robby and Graham made that walk in pouring rain so our weather was much better.

We stopped to explore the Boardwalk Resort. It was sunsettish so the walk was beautiful. Also on my list in that area was to eat The Flight from Ample HIlls Creamery. And since we walked right by there, we thought that we had better stop.

The Flight is just 6 smallish scoops of ice cream. We bought ourselves two-all different flavors of ice cream. We did quickly scoop Whitman's vanilla in a cup so he could have it to himself since that is all that he eats. Keaton isn't an ice cream fan either so she herself a few bites before digging into the goldfish.

We then continued our walk to Epcot. We went towards Canada to watch the new movie. It was in a 360 degree theater. After the movie, the kids received their final Kidcot card. They have collected cards from each country so they were given a postcard that reads "I traveled the world at Epcot."

Our next plan was to buy some flavored popcorn on the way to Soarin. However, the popcorn place was closed. The kids just want butter popcorn, but this spot had 3 different flavors-don't worry, it is still on my list.

We did go to Sunshine Seasons to sit for a bit and eat a few cookies from the bag. Then it was time to ride Soarin. Whitman banged his funny bone on the chair as soon as the ride started, so he was teary eyed throughout the show. He did recover and enjoyed some of the ride.

Now after Soarin, we could have walked back towards the Skyliner, but we didn't know if it was open or not so we headed to the busses. A new adventure is always fun. On the way, we did ride the Nemo ride. It is nice to just walk on ride without a line.

Then it was to the busses. We all enjoyed watching the busses turn the corner and trying to figure out if they were stopping for us or not. We didn't have to wait long and were soon back at Hollywood walking to our car. Robby had moved it much closer when he ran back to get the jackets so it was a super short walk.

Back at the hosue, the kids all found some type of snack to eat before bed-they had apples, sandwiches and other odd things. I probably don't need any more ice cream tonight so I guess I will skip my tonight's snack. Tomorrow the current plan is a full day of school, then to explore the Contemporary and back to Magic Kingdom.

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