Florida February: February 26, 2020

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I am not sure why, but the the last few nights I have had the craziest dreams. Not scary or anything, just nuts. I am sure last night's crazy dreams were due to eating supper late. And probably since I just had a huge bowl of ice cream tonight I can expect more crazy dreams tonight. However, I did have to eat the ice cream since we are working hard on emptying out the fridge and freezer.

We didn't leave the house until 9:30 this morning. The grands were all up in plenty of time to drink their coffee. All of my people were feeling much better this morning except for Reagan. She perked up enough this morning to go with us, but other than that she mainly stayed in her bed or on the couch all day long. 

We went to Disney Springs this morning to walk around a little bit. We hadn't yet taken the grands there, and it is something to see. Nonna and Pops did buy a little something for Jason along with a box of chocolate. It was one price for all you could fit in the box. The sign said that 25 was average-it was a bit crazy so I wasn't able to get an exact count, but I do believe that I was able to stuff at least 40 in the box. It's the little things in life that make me happy!

Anderson has been unable to see anything that he likes or wants to buy on this trip...until today. At the Lego store this morning, he bought a Lego brick head. Then tonight at Epcot, he saw a pin trading book and bought it with his gift card that he has been saving. I am almost positive that he will be able to easily fill two of those books, so he will probably get another for Christmas. I was super glad that he finally found something that he wanted.

Back to this morning, after we wandered around Disney Springs, we headed back to the cars. That is where half the crew said goodbye to Grannymom and Grandpa while the other half said bye to Nonna and Pops. Robby took Grannymom and Grandpa to the airport while I headed back to the house to help Nonna and Pops load up. They had been planning on leaving tomorrow but decided to leave earlier. 

When Nonna and Pops left, I straightened the house some and soon the others were back. It was a very slow and quiet afternoon without all of the grandparents around. It was almost like we didn't know what to do.

We finally did get it together and left around 4. Reagan did stay back, but the rest of us headed out. After getting Slurpies (Campbell's request), it started to rain and rain hard! We drove on to Epcot and sat in the car for a good bit trying to decide if we really wanted to get out or not.

We finally decided that we did want to brave the weather. I climbed to the back and started passing out raincoats. Everyone had a raincoat except for Whitman and Keaton who had ponchos. Whitman decided that he looked like "a human kite" in his poncho.

We were about to trade some pins when we realized that we left my bag containing the pins in the car (on purpose since we didn't want for it to be soaked). So Anderson and I walked back to the car to get the pins while the others rode Spaceship Earth one more time.

Then we were able to do the pin trading before riding Mission Space. That ride has two levels-green and orange. The green level was enough for me so I have had no desire to do the orange. And after hearing Reagan say that she was never going on the orange level again, I certainly have no desire to do that. 

However, Robby hadn't been on the ride at all or at least hasn't been on it in many years. So we all did the green with him. Then he lost his ever loving mind and decided to do the orange level. He didn't have quite as many takers with him-just Graham, Keaton and Whitman. We waited inside while they rode, and they seemed to enjoy it-though Robby did want some fresh air afterwards and soon after that ate a few crackers.

Our next stop was Test Track. They just opened it after a little refurbishment though we really couldn't tell any difference. The time said a 40 minute wait, but it didn't take that long at all. Then we marched on over to the Mexico pavilion for a snacky supper. 

Robby bought nachos, empanadas, rice and beans. It was all delicious or maybe we were just really hungry. We have gotten something to eat at each country except for two so far. After eating, we went to look at the Frozen ride, but the line was still long so we headed on to the car. 

By this time, it was starting to rain again. That must have made the ground a bit slick because Anderson fell and scraped/sliced his knee pretty good. I didn't have my bag with wipes and bandaids so we had to walk a ways before getting to a bathroom to get towels. He held it together well, but it really hurt him. Once at home, we did doctor it up super well.

Back at the house, we all sat around and watched the Hogs game on the tv. They did much better tonight than they did when we were watching them!

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