Florida February: February 25, 2020-Happy Birthday Grannymom!

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We were able to sleep in a little bit this morning. My sickly girls welcomed the sleeping in and all woke up feeling better. They still have some lingering coughs and head colds, but for the most part my people are feeling better for which I am very glad. 

Pops did some cooking this morning-he was working hard on helping me clean out my fridge. He made eggs with taco meat for breakfast this morning. He had a few takers, but I opted for buttered banana bread.

After we had eaten and dressed, we shuffled out of the house at 10 this morning. Today's adventure took us to Epcot which is Robby and my favorite park. The countries opened at 11, so we arrived right before that. 

The kids traded pins in the windiest spot at Disney-under the ball is so incredibly windy. We were headed to start the countries when Graham heard the roar of Test Track. It wasn't scheduled to be open for a few more days but must have had a soft opening.  The single rider line was short so everyone, even the grands, headed thru it to take a spin. Well, except Whitman and Robby. Whitman doesn't turn 7 until April so no single rider line for him.  But Robby said he could have his own bucket of popcorn, so that made Whitman very happy.

Then we walked to the Epcot Experience. We hung out there for a bit before walking to Mexico. We rode the little boat ride there before heading to Norway. Of course by that time, we were ready for a snack. Some tried the school bread while Campbell, Keaton and I met Elsa and Anna.

Next up was China and their film. Pops couldn't stay because the 360 degree film made him dizzy. I believe that we walked past Germany and Italy without really stopping. The weather was pretty perfect today. It would occasionally get a bit warm, but then the clouds would come out, and the weather would be nice again.

The snack had worn off by the time we made it to the US. Robby jumped in line at the new BBQ place and ordered up 3 platters which we licked clean. We found perfect spots outside and enjoyed our meals there. My favorite were the onion rings. 

Since we were in the US pavilion, we stayed for the American Experience show. We just missed hearing the Voices of Liberty sing which is on my very short things left to do list! The next stop was Japan for a walk through their gardens. They were beautiful, but I am used to the expansive hedge garden maze in the UK, so the Japanese gardens were not that impressive.

We walked into Morocco to look around-it is a neat little country. In France, we sang along to the Beauty and Beast Singalong. Pops toyed with the idea of getting an eclair, but since supper was soon, he decided to wait.

The kids played in the UK gardens for a little bit before we walked past Canada only stopping to get some maple popcorn and Starbucks. Then it was the Nemo ride followed by Living with the Land and Soarin. Grannymom really enjoys the Soarin ride so that was a perfect ride for her birthday.

After Soarin, we hustled over to the ball to ride it-it is about to undergo a 2 year refurbishment so I was glad to be able to ride it especially since Nonna and Grannymom's old jobs were represents on the ball ride. When the ride was over, Robby ran to get the car.

He arrived to pick up us just moments before it started to pour down rain. It was pretty perfect timing! We then headed straight to Animal Kingdom Lodge to eat at Boma for Grannymom's birthday. 

It was a buffet with regular food but also food with an African twist. I will say that Keaton made a meal on grapes while Whitman made a meal on strawberries. There was plenty of other food that they ate, but that was definitely their favorites. The mac and cheese was a big hit with all of the family. My favorite was the corn chowder along with some type of stew. It was delicious. 

Our waiter brought Grannymom a birthday cupcake. We sang Happy Birthday to her as well! When the meal was over, we were stuffed. We headed home for one last night with all of the family here. All of the grands are leaving tomorrow but first we head to Disney Springs early in the morning.

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