Florida February: February 20, 2020

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We took it easy this morning. Taking it easy did include a full day of school for everyone, dishes, laundry, a hair cut for Graham (don't worry-he is still growing it out, we just had it cleaned up by a professional) along with room swapping. It was a pretty busy morning. 

Today was actually our 13th day of school. Doesn't look like we will make that 20 days which was my goal, but 13 is super good. I was just looking at school for next year already-it is time to sign up for a co-op for Reagan along with buying some curriculum on line. It will get real next year-high school!

Since Graham has been growing his hair out, we knew that we needed to have a little trim to clean things up. Robby ran him down the road for a quick hair cut this morning. They also stopped to clean up the car along with a trip to Aldi-our new favorite grocery store.

Now I should have been a bit more productive this afternoon, but I took a nap. It was just about 20 minutes because there were resorts to explore. Our stops today included All Star Movies, Music and Sports. Even though these resorts are very themed, they would not be my first choice to stay at on Disney property.

However, we sure did greatly enjoy a dessert at one of these places. Robby bought us a cupcake that look like the Cinderella mouse named Gus, a ball of cookie dough and a strawberry cheesecake. They were delicious, and I might even stay at that resort just for the desserts. Robby and I are planning on visiting Disney without kids in May, and we can not wait to only have to split our desserts 2 ways and not 8 different ways.

When our resort exploring was over, we headed to Magic Kingdom. This is our favorite park, but it is our least favorite to get to. It just takes work to get over there-park, tram or walk, security and ferry or monorail before you even get to the gates. It is a lot of work but pretty worth it.

We were pretty surprised to see the huge crowds there tonight. Now, it is marathon weekend here so we have expected them, but just hoped that they hadn't arrived yet. The fast pass lines were crazy to get on the rides. We had one for Space and Buzz, but they were way too long...

...so we walked across the park to get ourselves a turkey leg. Well, the turkey leg was really just for Graham. He had been wanting one really bad so tonight was his night. Keaton also wanted a Mickey shaped pretzel so we had one of those too along with our Lunchables.

We did decide that the turkey leg was overrated. It was decent and was sure a lot of meat. Now the Mickey pretzel wasn't all that great either. Now, the cheese filled pretzel that Robby got the other day was definitely one that we will get again!

After our snacky supper, we went to ride Space Mountain. Again, I am done with that ride. I promise you that one day a car is going to go off of the tracks-and I will know exactly at what point it happened! Then we rode Buzz-we are learning where the big point targets are so our scores are slowly improving.

Then it was a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit-the kids love riding those cars around the track. Whitman thinks he is something else driving as he bounces from side of side of the track. Tonight during our drive, we were also able to enjoy the fireworks show. Pretty neat driving the cars at that time!

Then we hurried across the park for the last ride of the night on Big Thunder. It is one of my favorites at Magic-we spend a lot of time in Tomorroland so I enjoy the walk to Big Thunder. After it was over, we went and hung out in front of the castle for a few minutes.

I had been hearing about the "kiss goodnight" and wanted to see it. About 30 minutes after the park closes, the castle twinkles and the announcer thanks you for coming. It is a neat little 2 minute show to see and is just pretty magical.

We rode the buses back to the parking lot. It didn't take us long to get to our car-but it still takes about 45 minutes to get from the castle back to the house. The kids had some snacks before heading to bed. Anderson and Whitman are getting over colds and Graham is getting one, so I did quite a bit of medicine passing out before it was actually bedtime!

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