Florida February: February 29, 2020-Leap Day!

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We didn't have a ton of fun packing up the house on this Leap Day. We did do quite a lot of other fun things today, but packing was definitely not one of them. We slept as late as we could. It is funny to still hear the boys all get up at about the same time.  I have no idea whose children they really are because Robby, the girls and I could sleep for days!

After we were up and going, we started on our first round of packing. It is definitely kind of like moving-we have been here for over a month or 1/12th of a year. That is a lot of stuff that we brought plus a lot of stuff that we have accumulated here! 

Around 11, we loaded up for one last trip to Animal Kingdom. The kids had one last Wilderness Explorer badge to complete. They finished that without any problem and soon we were off. Some rode Everest in the single rider line. It was fairly long, so Reagan and Anderson opted to skip it, and Whitman isn't old enough to do the single rider by himself. So the rest of us went to the Boneyard playground for a bit.

Robby and I found a shaded and not too windy spot to sit while the kids played. When the riders made it back, they played a few rounds of tag as well. Then it was time to leave Animal Kingdom. We did run by Walmart on the way home to buy Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. We bought 6 for 6 dollars which was a bit cheaper than in the parks. 

The real packing then began. We even loaded the car this afternoon. Just as we were about to leave for tonight's adventure, Keaton asked to walk around the block. So Keaton, Whitman and I took a walk around the block. I walked, they ran-they would run to a certain spot, sit on the ground and wait for me and then run some more when I arrived.

Tonight took us to Hollywood Studios. The first thing that we did was watch the Muppet's Show. It had been closed for most of the time that we have been here. We wanted to go tonight to see if there was any difference-I probably could have spotted some difference if I had stayed awake!

Then we went to ride Tower of Terror-it is still my favorite ride! Then Rock N Roller coaster. Now, this ride I could never ride again. I don't mind the actual ride, but the part when it takes off is not my favorite at all. I so want to act silly for the picture, but all I can do is hang on for dear life and try to make my face look like I am not terrified!

Then we walked over to Star Wars land to see if there was a part for Anderson's droid that he wanted. We quickly found that and were on our way to ride Star Tours. At that store, Graham decided that he wanted to build a light saber, so he quickly put one together.

We then went to ride Toy Story Mania. While we were in line, Graham's light saber wouldn't go down, so he and I ran over to the store hoping that it wouldn't close before we arrived. It was already after park closing by this time. They were still opened and easily showed us how to work his saber. We knew we couldn't get back over to ride the ride with Robby and the others, so we mosied around the park for a little bit. 

They finally finished their ride, and just like that our Disney adventure was over. We did run by Taco Bell for supper-we have plenty of food here, but it is all packed up. Whitman was so tired during supper that he could hardly stay awake. As soon as everyone was finished, it was bedtime for all-well, Robby and I did have some ice cream to finish up from the fridge.

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