Florida February: February 6, 2020

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This morning was so long ago-it was actually 21 thousand steps ago and over 9 miles ago. I do know that I woke up around 8. The kids all had a half of day of school to do this morning. As usual, the early birds got my attention first and were soon finished.

I did manage to again give out spelling words while pointing to Whitman's math problems. I don't remember how early we did go to bed last night, but everyone, even Reagan, woke up in a good mood and started right to work.

Whitman does have a little bit of a cold which is mainly presenting in a super hoarse voice. Other than that he seems to feel fine. A bit before 10, we loaded up to head to Magic Kingdom. The Crafts were already there eating breakfast so we joined them before our first Fast Pass of the morning.

Robby dropped us off at the Transportation Center. He is trying to find a route with the least amount of walking. Then he and Reagan had to double back through the entrance gate to park. I took Anderson with me through the dreaded bag check while the others walked through the no bag line.

The kids wanted to ride the monorail, but the line looked really long so we just walked to the ferry boat. It is dependable and never crazy crowded so it is always my first choice. We entered the park, and then stopped for a bathroom for someone. I am not sure why my people can't get on the same bathroom schedule or better yet, go before we leave the house!

Anyway, while I think Graham was in the bathroom, Whitman saw two men in a firetruck and enjoyed turning their siren. Then we went towards Dumbo to meet the Crafts. Soon Robby and Reagan arrived from the parking lot, and we were soon on the ride. They have a playground inside of the Dumbo line, but we haven't been able to play on it yet, and that playground is on Whitman's short list of things to do.

From Dumbo, we walked right on the Pooh ride. Anderson really wants to buy an Eyeore stuffed animal, but won't let himself do it. We used to call him Eyeore when he was little so he now calls Eyeore his spirit animal.

We then went to the Dance Party parade on Main Street. It was around noon by then so my crew ate their lunchables as we waited for the parade. The parade was fun, and Whitman was a hoot doing the floss during the dance party.

The weather today was supposed to make it to 87. It probably did, but the wind was absolutely crazy. They had a wind advisory out all day long. Thankfully, we were never hot because of that crazy wind. So eating our lunches on the pavement was not a problem at all.

The next stop was the Philharmagic 3D show. I don't think that 3D stuff works with my eyes-the kids were all trying to grab the objects that were floating. Nothing looked close enough to me to reach my hand out and grab. Maybe I'm just a fuddy dud!

Small World was our next Fast Pass. It is just iconic so how can you pass it up. This was our first Small World ride on this trip. Afterwards, we braved the crowds-and crowded it was today. This was probably one of the most crowded days. We would have assumed that February wouldn't have been that crowded, but I guess now every day is crazy crowded.

We went to Monsters Inc. show followed by The Carousel of Progress. The kids all enjoy Monsters Inc. On the other hand, I can be done with it for the month. Then the Carousel is an educational classic-but the only thing that kept me awake today was trying to find the animatronic that lost his hand during the show yesterday. It was well fixed today so I could have closed my eyes for a bit!

The Crafts were headed out then, but we convinced them to leave their big 3 with us. They did, so we headed to the Pirates scavenger hunt. Maybe picking an activity where you have to walk up and down searching for clues in a crazy crowded environment with 9 kids wasn't actually the smartest choice, but it worked out just fine. We soon had completed two scavenger hunts and were riding Pirates with our newly acquired Fast Pass.

Now, the little 2 Crafts didn't ride Pirates so Reagan waited with them while we rode. They also snacked a good bit while waiting on us. Whitman did almost have a meltdown when he didn't get to stay back with Reagan. We don't know why he didn't want to ride Pirates-he has at least twice already this trip. Maybe he was tired, maybe he was scared-I just don't know.

Whitman did perk up after the ride and was happy to walk back across the park. Keaton and Campbell have been in heaven having their buddies here with us while Reagan loves having all of the little girls to take care of. They all look up to her and want to sit by her on the rides. My boys have also enjoyed the extra buddies here.

We rode on Buzz followed by a quick spend on the tea cups before leaving Magic Kingdom. The initial plan was for me to monorail to Epcot with the kid crew while Robby would move the car to Epcot. We shoved our way into the monorail and headed to the Transportation Center.

It would have been so easy for my crew to just walk across to the Epcot monorail except that it was closed. So that meant that all of us had to hoof it back to the car. Some of the crew stopped to trade pins so by the time I had put all of that stuff up, I wasn't exactly sure where we were going. I was able to spot Reagan and Abigail so tried to keep up with them in hopes that they could still see Robby and the others.

We did all make it to the car. It was a short drive to Epcot from there. I ended up in the bag check line with the Crafts who had also brought supper for us all-ChickFilA. We found a spot to sit and eat while we made plans for our firework viewing spot. Except that while we were doing this, we saw that the fireworks were cancelled due to the wind that we had been dealing with all day.

That was fine though because Epcot is our favorite park and new foods were waiting to be tried. The kids at the ChickFilA-the adults held off for the Epcot foods. Robby bought deconstructed BLTs first. They were different-there really wasn't much to actually call it a BLT. It was some hog jowl type meat on the bottom, some sauce and a poached egg on top. No L or T to it. It was different-that's really all I can say about that!

We rode the Mexico little ride after the kids got their cards from that country. We also stopped in Italy to get cards from there. Then it was on to Morocco for our supper. My kids enjoyed the Pita bread that we bought. Graham really liked the lamb which was also Robby's favorite. I enjoyed the chicken, cous cous and hummus the most.

While we were eating, Reagan took a crew to Japan to buy snow cones. They came back with two huge snow cones which they ate happily while we finished our Moroccan meal. By this time, it was 9 so the park was closing. We strolled out of the park to find our cars.

It was pretty late tonight so it didn't take too much begging for the kids to put on pjs and get ready for bed. Except we received more Disney pins in the mail-well, on the porch. You can't get mail here-isn't that odd? The kids all love those silly pins. They were soon trying to find their favorites. We probably stayed up 15 extra minutes looking at all of those!

It is supposed to rain and rain good tonight so a bit of thunder will certainly help us sleep-but I don't think that we will have any problems at all though.

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