Florida February: February 16, 2020

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We had made it 20 days with going to one of the parks each day. Today, however, was our first day to not even make it to a park. We were still incredibly busy and super close to the parks, but never did scan in. This is how our day played out:

We did wake up early to eat our leftover donuts, and more importantly get ourselves to church. The kids said today that if they knew we were going to go to church each Sunday, they would have brought more church clothes. I agreed, but today I was able to find another Sunday shirt that I had packed. 

We normally don't go to church while we are out of town, so we had no way to no that we would go every Sunday. I guess we were just a bit surprised at how much we would like the church down here. Now today, they did have a special guests quartet so that meant no choir and the fog machine was back. Hopefully, next week things will be back to normal during their early, old folk service.

After church, we came back to the house. Robby took the little 3 swimming while I folded laundry, pulled out school for the next day we do school (not sure when that might be), and browned 3 pounds of hamburger meat. When the swimmers came home, we started to work on our lunch-tacos. We had intended to make hamburger helper but didn't have any milk.

When lunch was over, Robby went to work on making some rice krispy treats while I cleaned up the kitchen. Keaton helped him-she usually makes sure that she gets to help with the rice krispy treat making. Then it was time for our Sunday afternoon nap-I am not sure why people think they must do athletic activity in the house only during times that I am laying down or why everyone comes to me or texts me to ask for a snack when I close my eyes, but it always happens.

We did however get a pretty good nap and by 3:30 we were leaving for the evening. Tomorrow is a super early morning so our plan was to ge back home and to bed early-that didn't really happen. Our first stop was Coranado Springs Resort. We drove there and then walked around the hotel. It was a neat place to see and incredibly huge.

From there, we parked at Hollywood Studios since we intended to come back and close it up. We never made it back to the park though. Our original plan was to walk to the Swan and Dolphin to see them. Robby suggested that we just hop on the first bus that pulled in-I agreed since that sounded like a fun adventure. I am not too sure if we would have really done this or not, but since the first bus was the Saratoga Springs which we wanted to see, we did. 

Soon we were walking around that resort. Each of these resorts are themed incredibly and each one is so different from the next. There quick service section had pizzas so we bought 2 little ones to split as a mini supper. It was a good stop while we tried to figure out what the weather was going to do. It was spitting rain, but not raining hard.

From Saratoga, we decided to take the boat to Disney Springs. We had toyed with walking, but the rain scared us. As we were going there, the boat man said that a lightening storm was coming so this would be the last boat service for a while. He probably thought that we were crazy when we said that was fine, we were just out playing. 

We walked around Disney Springs. Reagan has thought about getting a sweatshirt but can't seem to find one that she wants. Graham found a snack that he wanted so even though it was raining, Campbell and he waited in line for his pretzel bites. The rest of us tried to stay dry in a store. 

By the time he had his snack, the rain had stopped, and we went to catch a bus back towards our car. We decided to board the bus for the Swan and Dolphin hotel. We did get on that bus after a bit of waiting-we got on that bus with probably 50 other folks. This was just a good reminder that I always want to have my car at Disney, or anywhere for that matter.

It took us a while to make it the the Dolphin or maybe it just seemed like a while-it was standing room only and I was struggling to keep myself from bumping into someone and hold on to Whitman who wasn't holding on. We finally made it there and enjoyed seeing the Dolphin.

It is just a big hotel, but it is still something to see. It was just a short walk to the Swan so we also explored that one as well. From there, we were able to walk back to Hollywood Studios to get to the car. We certainly made a day of it. We have 5 different resorts to see in the next few days and will have made it to all the Disney resorts. My total list is just 31 items left-I think we can accoplish it!

When we made it home, the kids had a snack and then it was bedtime for the crew. The plan right now is to leave this place before 6 in the morning-yikes!

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