Florida February: February 24, 2020

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We started our morning off with breakfast at Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge. Apparently, we didn't tell everyone about all of our plans because as we were trying to walk out the door this morning, Reagan was pouring herself some cereal and some of her "trip coffee" (Thanks, Shannon, for introducing her to good stuff-her habit is expensive, hence the name "trip coffee"-she's only getting it on trips and holidays.)

The breakfast was fun-it is actually more fun when you don't think about how much you are actually paying for the food. Pretty much all of us did clean our plates. I was living like I was on a cruise ship and got eggs benedict. That is my favorite cruise ship breakfast and something I never have at home. So having it today was a fun little treat.

After breakfast, the kids traded a few pins before we walked to the boat that took us to Magic Kingdom. Coming in on a resort boat is the way to go since you miss the Ticket and Transportation Center and you miss the super crazy bag lines. We had no waiting at all on our little bag checks and were soon taking pictures before going into the Magic Kingdom.

The crowds were crazy, crazy today. They didn't stop us too much, but we just didn't want big crowds today. I guess we have decided that there is never a time that crowds are light-possibly in the middle of summer or during a hurricane. We might try both during this upcoming year!

Our first stop this morning was the Hall of Presidents. Graham was super excited about this because the last time he fell sound asleep and missed the show. He was looking forward to watching the entire show today. I also fell asleep last time and must have fallen asleep the second the show started because I remembered not a bit of the show-it was all new to me except the very end when all of the presidents were there.

Next up was Small World-the line was pretty long. Actually, the regular line went fast than the Fast Pass line. It still didn't take that long and we were soon on a boat humming along to The Small World song. Next up was a cruise around the river on the Riverboat. The last time I remember doing this was in 2009 when Robby and Pops were on the Keys to the Kingdom tour. We had plenty of time to kill so we were able to enjoy the Riverboat. We just had Reagan, Anderson and baby Graham then.

Next up, we watched the Tiki Room show. The Tiki Room and the Riverboat were two things that we had not gotten to on my list so I was happy to mark them off. Then Robby and Grandpa went to grab up a table for lunch while the rest of us headed across the park to use our Fast Pass for the Tomorrowland Transit cars. 

Then it was back to Pecos Bills for lunch. Robby bought sides of chicken and cheese dip and we had plenty of food. We ate at least half of the 40 tortillas that we brought in though we didn't eat all of the chicken. We did bring it home though and some had it for supper tonight. The kids all still seem to really enjoy Pecos for lunch. Whitman likes it because he can get lettuce on his roll up since we never have it at home.

After lunch, we went across the park to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride. We have found one of the 100,000 point targets. Now we just have to find a few more so we can increase our scores a bit. I have looked it up one night and read a whole article about it, but it was so late that I didn't remember anything at all that I read. 

Next up was the Carousel of Progress-this is one of Whitman's favorite slow rides at Magic Kingdom. I am not sure why he loves it so much, but he certainly does. He was actually just looking over my shoulder reading what I was writing and made me add the word "slow" above. He sure doesn't want you to think that he doesn't love the fast rides-he does have a love for speedy rides.

Our final ride was the People Mover. It is one of our all time favorite. It think that it is pretty nice since you can take a break and cool off for a little bit. Keaton enjoys yelling at people walking below up trying to get people to wave back to her. 

We ended our day at the Magic Kingdom by watching the Flag Ceremony on Main Street. We had never seen it before and it was pretty neat saying the Pledge and singing God Bless America. We all had a pretty good day at Magic. I think that we were able to see and do quite a bit of things before heading back to the house.

Once at home, Campbell did a bit of swimming despite the weather being a bit chilly. After her swim, she kind of start acting sickly. I am sure that she is getting the same little cold that the boys have had. Reagan is also getting a bit sick and bless, Keaton has a pretty continuous cough. 

As I was tucking everyone else in bed, I did get Campbell out of bed to give her some Tylenol, a drink and a cracker. Hopefully the meds kick in and she can sleep well tonight. Plus I gave Keaton the breather and some Zyrtec while Anderson was up with his bloody nose, he also had some Zyrtec. I am incredibly thankful for healthy kids because having sick kids would be exhausting!

Tomorrow will start a bit later than usual, but will still be a pretty busy day!

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