Florida February: February 7, 2020

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Today was the last day for the Crafts so they decided to rope drop Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom. We were there around 7:45 and again pulled in at the same time. We were surprised that we made it there on time since we struggled a bit waking our people up. Starting at about 5 minutes until we left, Robby kept calling out how many minutes we had left.

Whitman did run to the refridgerator before we left saying that he "needed to get his thing." It took us a minute to realize that he thought he needed to pack a lunchable. However, we weren't staying all day today so we just packed a bag of snacks. 

We found our spots in the line-it is just a massive line that stretches probably a half mile. Since we were there before park opening, we were actually almost on the ride by the time that the park did officially open. Avatar is just pretty amazing. 

We then saw that the Everest roller caoster just had a short wait so we headed that way. Robby and Whitman had to get in the real line since Whitman isn't old enough to ride in the single rider line. Casey and the rest of us went in the single rider line and were soon on and off of the roller coaster.

Then Reagan joined the Crafts in the second Flight of Passage ride. Their child swap sure benefitted my kids this last week or so. While they headed that way, Campbell and Graham went on Everest in the single ride line two more times while Robby and Whitman were still in their line. 

After they finished their ride, we went to the dinosaur playground for the kids to play a little bit. The weather today was quite chilly. The high was 65 but the sun never really came out plus there was some wind. I had on both of my light jackets but probably would have liked my hats and gloves which I wore tonight.

When we had had enough playgrounding, we rode the Triceratops Spin. My big boys went to find Robby during this ride because they didn't care about riding it. We then watched It's Tough to Be a Bug. It is always a fun little show. 

The Crafts found a treat before they left while we just grabbed some snacks from our bag. We walked them back to the rig and said our goodbyes. My kids will be a little bit sad not having buddies to run around Walt Disney World. Our schedule will probably change a little bit-maybe lighten up. Though we are rope dropping tomorrow!

We headed home to work on our new Disney pins. Everyone picked some new ones to keep and to trade. Robby made hot dogs for our lunch, and then the kids did some of their school work. I didn't give them much school work today because the plan was to take a nap. 

I certainly took my nap, but Robby never got to one since he was busy working on his emails. You would assume that with it being 65 outside, swimming would be out of the question. But not with Campbell. She, Whitman and Keaton spent quite a bit of time in the pool. Robby could see them easily from his spot so no worries there. They said that the pool was super warm-I think they are crazy and probably don't really know what the work "warm" means.

Around 6, we loaded up to go and eat at Panda Express. We are getting one in Bryant and thought that we should try it out first. Our meat was super delicious, the value was really pretty good (fed us all for 38 dollars with some leftovers), but we weren't super crazy about the rice or noodles. Overall, it was pretty good, and we might stop there again.

Since we had a Fast Pass tonight for Tower of Terror, we did head to Hollywood Studios. We had thought that they were open until 9, but it was just 8. That was fine since an earlier night always helps. We went right to Tower of Terror and had lots of fun on that ride. Whitman still doesn't love it, but he does tolerate it. It does continue to be my favorite ride.

Then we went on Toy Story Mania at the last minute before the park closed. We debated which ride to pick and probably should have done the Slinky Dog, but we have more nights like this that we can do that. After Toy Story, we walked to the car with the rest of the crowd.

Graham was the first to head to bed. He has a bit of a cold so he probably doesn't feel great. Then Keaton and Campbell asked for me to lay down with them. I did that for a few minutes-Keaton was out super quick, and Campbell was almost asleep when I left. Whitman, Reagan and Anderson are my 3 that could probably stay up all night! That can't happen today-though I still have a load of launry in the wash and dryer!

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