Florida February: February 11, 2020

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Once again it is late, and I really can't remember when or how the day started. After sitting here for a bit, I do remember that our alarms went off at 8. I was up first because school had to be done. Graham was already finished with his so by the time I was ready and started the laundry, I worked with him. It must be nice to be finished with school by 8:30.

I wasn't quite finished with my school though. I did soon work with Keaton and then Whitman. Sometimes I just want to strangle him-he is so distractible. Of course at this house, there is always something interesting happening-today they were emptying the pool behind us, men come and clean our pool, they mow the lawn and even take our garbage cans to the street. So there is always something going on.

By 11, everyone was finished, and we were working together. I had a shower and then called NASA to make reservations for next week. For what I paid for us to go (even with a decent homeschool discount), I believe that one of the children will actually get to go into space. 

Soon we were all eating our lunch, grabbing snacks and heading out the door. Today we went to Animal Kingdom. We managed to stop at a few Wilderness Explorer stops-I think just 3 (we still have like 15 more to go). Then it was time to ride Dinosaur followed by a short break for some water, email sending (by Robby) and snacks.

The weather here today was warm. It was pleasant in the shade but hot in the sun. This was the first day that I think that we were actually sweaty while in the parks. Now tonight, I was still wearing my shorts but did have to put on my light jacket.

We then rode Everest, and some even rode it one more time in the single rider line. We bought Whitman some popcorn so he wasn't disappinted at all about missing that ride. He will be 7 when we come back so he will be able to ride in the single rider lines by then-it will be super nice!

We had a Fast Pass to see Minnie and Mickey, but since the line was not moving at all, we decided to head back to the house. Now, we did mark off a few stops for their Wilderness Explorer badges, but I still didn't get anything marked off of my list. Urgh!

Back at the house, we unloaded, I pulled out school for tomorrow and grabbed ourselves a snack. Then Robby, Anderson and I were off for the evening. Robby had seen a movie preview ad pop up on his Facebook. He signed us up-you had to be 13 or older and from the questions he could tell that it would be an action film so we knew Anderson would like it.

They said that we were the first theater to see the new movie. I would tell you the name, but since I did sign that million dollar confidentiality agreement, I better not say anything. I was hoping that it would have been Star Wars for Anderson. Some one even thought it might be Black Widow. Those would have been great for a nap for me. However, this ended up being a movie that even I enjoyed watching.

It was super fun-and watching the people was so entertaining. We thought we were near the front of the line, but we were just near the front of the outside line even thought we arrived over an hour early. Then we waited in massive lines to have pictures with our ids, fill our paperwork, be metal detected and finally go into the theater. We left our phones in the car (as instructed), but they even took up phones. It was so very interesting-security even watched the audience during the movie. 

After the movie, we headed to the Lego store to look around. I would have loved for Anderson to have seen something that he wanted, but he did not want to spend his money. I guess I love that trail even better. Then it was the the chocolate store for a sample followed by some BBQ at the Polite Pig. And since it had been such a good evening, we did top it off with some cookie dough from a food truck on the way to the car.

It was nearly 11 when we made it home. The others ate leftovers for their supper, had snacks, took showers (without even being asked) and most were almost asleep when we made it back home. Graham was sound asleep, while Campbell, Keaton and Whitman had just laid down but were pretty tired. Whitman was snuggled up in Keaton's bed tonight. Reagan was wide awake though and gave us a rundown of the evening.

Now, the plan had been to go to Magic in the morning for rope drop. However, since it is midnight right now, I am not too sure that will happen. Our 3 littles were wanting to go, and we can't go tomorrow or Friday so maybe we still might. But I do know that I better find a Tums (BBQ at 10:30) and get myself into bed!

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