Florida February: February 27, 2020

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We didn't rush anywhere this morning. The kids all had half a day of school this morning. Of course Graham was finished with his by the time that I woke up. Campbell and Keaton came out of their room this morning completely dressed while holding their completed school work.

Reagan was the last to wake up. I actually let her sleep until I was started to worry about her. She felt about yesterday, but she must have felt much better today. Hopefully her cold passes quickly and she even feels better tomorrow.  

We had lunch at the house today and since I am working on cleaning out the fridge, I cooked some chicken and made quesadillas for the crew. At home, we use 2 quesadilla makers, but we just brought one on the trip (bringing 2 would have been a bit excessive.)  Of course, I still had leftover chicken so I still added things to the fridge.

Sometime this afternoon, we left to visit our last resort-Old Key West. It was a very pretty, yet spread out resort. We did enjoy playing outside-Anderson and I played chess, Whitman and I played Connect 4 and most everyone played on the hammocks. The weather was sunny so the coolish weather was perfect. Now, it was a bit cool tonight but not unbearable.

The kids spent a lot of time today trading pins. They really racked up. I think that Anderson traded for 9 new pins today. They continue to find pins to complete their sets or they find unique pins. I do believe that this was one of their best trading days. Anderson only has 1 pin left to trade so he is on pins and needles worried about it! I have a spare or two tucked away that he can have if necessary.

We rode the train at Animal Kingdom and completed 4 more Wildlife Explorer badges. We still have one more to do-urgh! I wanted to finish that task today, but I just guess we will have to go back to Animal Kingdom one more time. 

We were able to do the drawing class there. We drew the crocodile from some Disney movie-I had to ask Robby what the name of it was-Peter Pan. Whitman did better drawing today probably because there was a poor little girl behind us who cried the entire time because she was so frustrated. He heard her so upset, so he didn't get upset himself. It is pretty amazing how well you can draw something when you have someone telling you the exact lines to make.

After this, we grabbed some popcorn and ate some of our snacky suppers. Then we watched the Tough to Be a Bug show. Then it was rice from Yak and Yeti. It was delicious and most of the kids devoured it. Anderson enjoyed his but worked really hard at picking out the tiny peas and carrots. 

We then played on the playground for a little bit. All of the kids ran around playing tag except for Reagan who stood in the corner freezing with me. Once we got out of the wind, we weren't too chilly. The next event was a ride on Everest. That continues to be one of the Dennie favorite rides. Everyone enjoys it!

Right at 8 we jumped in the Flight of Passage line just as the park was closing. We were a bit worried because the line was all the way to the beginning of the queue. Plus seeing the 150 minute time on the board did kind of scare us. We debated bailing on the ride but stuck it out since the line was moving pretty swiftly. Within an hour we were boarding the ride....

Maybe we should have expected something to go wrong since we had some issues last night at the close of our Disney day. I am not sure I wrote about it in the blog, but we were walking happily along when the lady in a scooter beside me yells at Whitman, "You shouldn't run in front of me or you will get hit." 

I was taken aback and was about to say something when Robby did. Don't worry, he was nice...mostly. If anyone is going to yell at a Dennie kid it will be me, thank you very much. I had not heard, but the lady had been mouthing for a good while about kids running in front of her. Whitman, who was oblivious, probably had walked in front of her a few times. Anderson had just fallen so we were walking super slow as well.

Afterwards, Whitman walked so close to Graham for the rest of the evening. He even said that if he had ear plug he would put them in right now. We discussed being aware of other people, but also not worrying about what mean people say. Gracious, that was an uncomfortable experience, but not nearly as uncomfortable as tonight...

So tonight, Campbell was sitting between me and Robby during the ride. Robby and I had been talking during the ride so we were aware of what Campbell was doing. Suddenly, the ride froze and the screens went down. We sat there and sat there locked in and waiting.

A lady came up to us and asked how many were in our group. We replied 8 and then she asked, "How do you want to do this?" We just stared at her as she continued that they had to stop the ride because Campbell was scared and trying to get out of her seat. Um, nope. Robby was quick to tell her that we have been on the ride many times, Campbell was not scared and we were watching her since we had been talking. What in the world?

Then she walked off and it seemed like we were going to ride the ride again, but we waited and waited with nothing happening. Eventually, we were moved back to the line. There the same lady came to take my information to fill out an incident report. The lady was a bit kinder this time and did say that the sensors went off like she was trying to stand up. I again made it clear that she couldn't stand up nor did she stand up (On this ride, you are buckled so in that you can barely take a breath.) 

Bless it though. Campbell handled it fine, but out of all of the kids why would it have to be Campbell? She seemed a bit bothered by the whole thing. (Campbell was fine at bedtime so maybe the whole ride fiasco bothered us more than her.) When we did finally get back in chairs to do the ride again, after seeing another whole preshow, most of the joy was sucked out of the ride for us! So that is 2 nights in a row with nutty things happening to us, maybe we should stay home tomorrow night. 

After the ride, it was pretty late and the park was closed so we hustled to our car. We were surprised to see exactly how far away we did park. The parking lot area near our car was almost empty, but way, way far away was our Dennie van! It was almost like we had indeed closed down the park.

At home, everyone had a snack and put up their new pins before heading to bed. We just have a few days and still lots of plans!

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