Florida February: February 2, 2020

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We were up early this morning because it was Sunday. When we are out of town, we usually don't go to a church service, but this church service had been on Robby's list for a while. We had to wake up early this morning and leave the house after 7:30. First Baptist Orlando was about 25 minutes, and we pulled into the parking lot right before the Crafts.

Anytime you walk into a church with 11 kids, you do draw some attention. Their greeters were on top of things, and we were well greeted! The sanctuary was over twice as large as ours. It was a fairly traditional service which included not just one, but two, hymns. One of those, Robby and I didn't even know. 

The sermon was very good today. I was most impressed with the countdown clock ticking down during the sermon. I am not sure what would have happened if the preacher would have gone over the allotted time, but I was just thankful that he adhered to the time clock!

Now, going to church on vacation kind of confused Whitman. During the morning he asked if we were going to Sunday school. Later he asked if we were going to come on Wednesday night. When the service started, he grunted and moaned that he didn't get any candy before church started. At the end of the service, the pipe organ played, and Whitman said that it reminded him of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

It was extremely nice going to church and coming home by 10! Robby and I watched the modern service of the church that we went to on the tv-well, he watched and I snoozed! It is Sunday afterall so I did need a nap even though it wasn't even noon.

Robby, Keaton and Campbell ran to Walmart. We just can't stay away. We didn't need too many things but we have found that Robby carrying a 1 liter bottle of coke in the park is a nice little snack for our people. And this 1 liter costs us 1 dollar at Walmart while 3 cup of coke at the park would probably cost us 10 bucks at Disney.

At noon, we pulled out our leftover pizza along with leftover spaghetti and mac and cheese. The kids ate, and then we had some downtime before loading up at 1:30 for Magic Kingdom. We arrived and rode the ferry and soon discovered that what we had heard about Super Bowl Sunday was not true. We had read during the Super Bowl the parks were completely deserted-that was not the case at all. It was crazy until the very end!

When we discovered the crowdds, we watched the afternoon parade while we did some regrouping. The kids were like vultures getting a spot right in the front so they could see the parade. I loved how they zoomed over to the empty spot, and then made sure that all of their buddies could see.

After the parade, we walked through the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Then we did the Pirates scavenger hunt twice. The scavenger hunt didn't take long at all but the massive crowds surely slowed us down. When we turned in our two scavenger hunts, we recieved extra fast passed for Pirates later in the day.

Then we went to Big Thunder. Abigail rode it for the first time tonight, so we spent our time watching her to make sure that she was enjoying it-she was. Then the Crafts went to eat, and we went to eat too-not supper but ice cream from Main Street.

Most everyone had a scoop of ice cream (Keaton and Reagan opted for Strabucks later in the day). The ice cream was yummy, but Robby said that he was ready to try different snacks now! Then we went to the Monsters Inc show. I do think this is one of Whitman's favorites.

Space Mountain was next followed by a walk all the way across the park to Pecos Bills. Tonight we splurged and bought not just 3 sides of chicken but 4 along with 2 quesos. I pulled out the tortillas and 1 liter from Robby's bag while he filled up his tray with cheese, salsa, corn salsa, and lettuce from the salad bar. We made a meal of that-it is the Dennie favorite meal right now. It is also the budget favorite meal right now!

Next we rode the Peter Pan ride followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. We actually rode that one twice before hurrying to the 7 Dwarfs ride to jump in that line before closing. The ride lines had drastically decreased during the fire works, but then they quickly jumped back up. The Dwarfs said 70 minutes, but thankfully it was more like 30. 

About this time during our evening I put on my hat and gloves. I believe that our temperature in Florida today was cooler than at home. I definitely needed my jackets tonight. Now my two pairs of pants might have been overkill, but I sure wasn't cold tonight.

After that was over, we walked down Main Street. The Starbucks line was long so we decided to get the girls drinks on the way home. We caught up with the Crafts on the ferry boat back to the car and were soon picking up Keaton and Reagan's drinks at Starbucks.

Graham and Reagan had showers while the rest just threw on their pjs and climbed into bed. It was a pretty long day-the boys were a bit bummed that they didn't get to see the Super Bowl, but I know they had more fun tonight at the park.

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