December 31, 2020-Last Camping Trip of 2020

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Robby and I stayed in bed as long as we could this morning and that really wasn’t very long. By 8:30 we were running around getting ready. The boys were already awake and so was Campbell. I think that they were excited about our trip, or they needed to get in as much internet as they could before we lost service for a few days.

We planned on leaving at 10:00, but probably did leave a few minutes afterwards. The Heltz and Crafts left a few hours later than us, but we were trying to out run a bit of the weather. By the time that we made it past Conway, the rain lightened up and we even had dry roads for the rest of the trip. 

Robby had planned ahead, and we stopped one place for gas. We really didn’t need it, but this way we won’t have to get it on the way home. When Robby was inside it took him forever-I wasn’t sure what exactly he went inside for, but when he came out I could tell that he bought us lunch while inside.They had a chicken place so he grabbed some chicken-it was getting to be lunch time, and we often have a lunch time dilemma. I would prefer to not have to make lunch in the camper if we don’t have to-especially if we will be stopped in about an hour. However, when we do stop there are lots of things to be done before we can stop for lunch so that is the dilemma. 

Today Robby solved that by just buying lunch. He did suggest that we need to make little fun lunch sacks for travel days. That way we can eat our lunch whenever and not have to worry about pulling everything out-for example my people eat 4 different types of cheese for sandwiches!

It has been years since we have been to Devil’s Den, and we weren’t even the ones camping here. We were able to quickly find our spot. There was a perfect spot to unhook the car, and with the help of his new radios I backed him in perfectly. 

Actually, he didn’t need much help and I just used the radio to say things like “cut!” and “looking good.” Now later in the evening those walkie talkies got a good workout-it was dark and raining so we left one in our camper where half the kids were, and we took one with us to the Craft camper. 

The kids were instructed to call if someone was doing something wrong, if they needed something or if someone wanted to go somewhere. It worked out so perfectly. Back to baking up though-when we did back in, we hooked up and unloaded.

We had thought that it would be raining here, but it wasn’t yet so the kids even had a bit of time to ride their bikes. It was cold, but not really horrible. I never put on my second layer of pants, another pair of socks or even my heavier or heaviest jacket. 

I guess we were here about 2 hours before the others showed up. As they backed in their spots, the kids all ran out like they hadn’t seen each other in years, and Robby and I just sat in our comfy and cozy spots watching them work.

It wasn’t long before the drizzle began-the men folk still decided on a fire. They were able to get one going-though Casey probably used a gallon of lighter fluid. We huddled under tents as we all cooked our individual suppers-and everyone had chili. That was kind of odd that we all brought the same thing even though no one talked about it at all.

We had to gather the kids since they were all out playing. We ate our chili-which at first glance I thought was a bit soupy, but after holding that hot bowl of chili by a roaring fire it was the most delicious chili that I had ever eaten.

Traci had brought enough sparkling drinks for everyone. The kids loved drinking their bubbly for their New Year’s suppers. After everyone ate, the kids migrated to different campers, and the adults huddled by the fire for another hour.

Gabriel was getting tired, so the Crafts put him to bed while the adults chatted in their camper. We stayed in their camper until midnight only leaving occasionally to check on the kids in the other campers. 

Our camper had the littles in it, with occasionally Anderson and Graham who both fell in the water. Now, I’m not sure how you fall in water when you are sitting in a camper, but whatever! Actually, the rain started as a drizzle, but ended with a monsoon. It has slacked off some right now (1:30 am) though.

Not only was there lots of rain, but water is standing everywhere-if you are not on the road or standing on the camper pad, then it is muddy. We currently have clothes hanging from every single spot in this camper. 

Most things will dry by in the morning-except maybe Graham’s tennis shoes or his socks. And yes, he did use 3 of his 4 pair tonight! Hopefully, the rain will end by noon tomorrow which is about the time our clothes will probably dry out!

At midnight, the kids shouted Happy New Year over the walkie talkie! I think that the kids had a good New Year’s Eve. As soon as that ball dropped (I guess it dropped this year-we didn’t have a tv so we don’t know.), we gathered the people and all came back to the camper.

It took a while to get everyone into pajamas, hang up the dry clothes and make the beds. It was nearly 1 when the kids finally laid down. I know that they were exhausted because I sure am!

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