January 14, 2021

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  • It took me a minute to figure out what day this even was tonight. This morning I knew that it was the last day of school for the week so I should have jumped out of bed. But don't be surprised if I didn't spring out of the bed at all! Tomorrow will be an early day so I guess I was saving my energy.
  • Our school went fairly quickly this morning-well, not all of our school. Whitman was still working on his when I went to take Reagan to her class today.
  • While she was in class, Campbell, Keaton and I returned our broken scooter and picked up a few things that we didn't need. Then we ran to pick up Reagan and Noah, and then picked up Lily and brought everyone back to our house for a little bit.
  • The girls played with Lily most of the afternoon long, and the boys enjoyed having Noah over during the afternoon. I did steal Graham away because he wanted to go with me to deliver my delicious homemade rolls to Nonna and Pops.
  • I am teasing about the rolls-they were good, very good, but I am a bit worried that I won't be able to replicate them. I guess I need to do some practicing over the new few weeks. Pops did say that they were like his mother's rolls so yep, I am still pretty pleased.
  • I spent some time on the treadmill today and even worked on some of my Bible study. Then we threw some baked potatoes in the instapot. They were quite a bit bigger than the last time so when we finished cooking them-they still weren't cooked. A little bit of microwave time did help the potatoes.
  • So over loud and exciting conversations tonight, we all sat around the table eating our baked potatoes and leftover bbq sandwiches. The conversation tonight was all about a dog-Robby and I are probably about to start eating lots of words!
  • The Wilsons came over tonight for a little bit so we did make a batch or two of cookies to munch on. Oh, and this is interesting-Anderson asked to make cookies today while Noah was over. I am not sure that Anderson has ever made cookies before or has certainly never asked. I don't think that the butter was melted well plus the little bit of milk that they added probably didn't help either-but when I did finally see the cookies today, they were all gone! So I guess that they were edible!

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