January 25, 2021

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  • We started our Monday school-Mondays always seem to go quicker for most everyone because they do their easy work at the beginning of the week. Now this isn't true for Whitman who doesn't get to pick what he works on and for Reagan who just usually has quite a bit of work. Reagan is out of her Comm Central this week, so her load should be lighter, but instead she has a paper and test when she returns.
  • Robby did call a meeting-dog news. It looks like we will get to go and pick our first and second choices for the puppy on Wednesday. Then we will have to wait until February 22nd for us to pick her up for good. Hmm, we might just have to go on a few more trips before that puppy arrives.
  • I was still working with Reagan around lunch time. Then I was able to pick out pictures and catch up on some Bible study for a little bit before helping Robby outside. 
  • We put eye lashes on the back tail lights. Well, not really eye lashes-but more like a gutter to keep the water out of the lights which kind of looks like eye lashes to me.
  • Keaton spent a good deal of time today working on a game that she has invented. She has painted and cut the cardboard and will start her assembly tomorrow. I did help her by writing the rules out today which took a while.
  • I even managed to walk on the treadmill which meant that I had to finish the Hallmark movie that I started later in the afternoon. I even manged to squeeze in a nap before pulling out all of our leftovers for supper. I with that us having leftovers for supper meant that we were able to get rid of some things, but nope-we didn't really clean out anything. 
  • Actually, my people have gotten to be sandwich snobs-that is what we should have had for supper. They don't eat sandwiches for lunch anymore or even tortillas-people are eating mac and cheese, fried eggs, breakfast burritos, bagels and anything else that they can whip up themselves. 
  • After supper, we did have a little bit of a wii tournament. Anderson and Keaton won the first round with Graham and Reagan winning the next round. Anderson won in the playoffs, but seriously, Robby and I were surprised at how bad we were at the wii. We used to be pretty decent but not anymore.
  • We watched a few dog training videos before it was finally bedtime...and possibly snack time!

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