January 26, 2021

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  • Gracious, I couldn't seem to get my act together this morning. That was probably because Robby and I currently stay up until 1 each night. Now, I we still started just about 10 minutes later than usual, and yes, our start time is slowly creeping backwards. 
  • The kids were all still sound asleep when I went to wake everyone up. I tell you, this is just not a morning person family at all. Ha! After doing our reading we started to work on school work.
  • Things went fairly well-Reagan has now done 2 of her 6 paragraphs for essay so that is good. I helped her some with that around 12 and still had to work with Graham afterwards.
  • Keaton and Campbell have been super crafty lately which is wonderful, but that also involves me helping some which I always not the first thing on my agenda. Campbell sewed a dog bone after she finished with school. And Keaton has been working on a game for a few days now so today we did some cricut-ing for the front of the boards.
  • Next up, I did take a little bit of time to organize something in my closet. I am slowly putting away my Christmas gifts-yep, I am the only one around here with my gifts still laying out. I put some of them away in my closet that I was working on.
  • There was Bible study to do before I hurriedly organized my game closet with Keaton. That girl is all about organizing right now. She did most of the closet-I was just her helper. And later in the afternoon she organized all of her clothes-all of them, all folded neatly, all in rainbow order. Robby said that I was creating a monster!
  • Keaton and I then dropped off Anderson and Graham at church for their d-group with the student pastor. Then we ran to the library for her to pick out some books. While we were there, she said that she loved the smell of the library-oh, I do too! 
  • Back at home, I did my treadmill time-I should more accurately say that I did my movie watching time followed by a supper off jambalaya. It was pretty spicy which I loved which is a good thing because the kids weren't too crazy about it. Campbell and Anderson were the only ones who finished their bowls.
  • Reagan made brownies for dessert and gracious that girl picked brownies with walnuts to make. We would have never had that box in the house except it was delivered by mistake in one of our grocery orders. Surprisingly, they were too bad and everyone ate them-probably the ice cream on top helped though.
  • Later in the evening I played Catan with Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman. They smoked me-Keaton won, but Whitman was a close second. I however, ended the game with a measly 3 points. It says that is for players 10 and up-though all my little people didn't have any problems with it. 

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