January 6, 2021-Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • Last night after I had blogged, everyone was about to head to bed. Campbell called me into the kitchen and just started balling-she couldn't find her airpods and had probably been looking for a while. 
  • She just couldn't remember at all the last time she had them, but she knew that she didn't take them to Grannymom's house. She was also pretty sure that she didn't take them outside. Now my Campbell is as a good as gold but gracious she can be on the messy side!
  • Everyone went to town tearing this house up. We knew they were here, and we were finding them before bed. We searched for about 10 minutes when I started to start telling her that we would probably go to bed soon, but we would continue searching tomorrow.
  • Robby had already looked under her bed and had gone outside to begin the search. That is when the boys went to tear up Campbell's bed. Anderson had flipped her mattress when we finally saw them in her drawer under her bed. 
  • Hopefully, that will be a lesson for her! She was so upset-I tried to remind her that those were just things and could be replaced (though it would be a while!) We all did go to bed relieved last night.
  • I knew that Campbell and Keaton probably had a breakfast planned for me, but I sure didn't hear them this morning in the kitchen. I was dreaming about shopping sales at Disney when they burst in carrying pancakes, waffles and orange juice for me. Whitman had woken up just in time to help his sisters carry in the juice. My girls love their little waffle and pancake makers.
  • Soon my breakfast was over and it was time to start on our school for the day. Again things seemed to go smoothly. Reagan's math was a review (well, kind of) so that was good for us. I did spend a good deal of my morning answering birthday text. 
  • Nonna and Pops stopped by and brought us some birthday cupcakes. We dug into those while we visited with them. When they left, we decided that we should open up some presents-Robby bought me a new pair of tennis shoes plus a new pair of hiking boots along with some cash and candy. He also had me what ever girl dreams of-a device that tells if the camper is leveled.  The girls had both written me really sweet cards, and Whitman wrote me a song but was a bit to shy to sing it for me.
  • Afterwards, we did finish our school work before I went outside to load some paper products in the camper. It is now ready to go-well, Robby is working on a few things, but other than that we are ready to go. I had wanted to be gone for my birthday, but silly Wednesday birthday!
  • Two people had suggested taking a nap for my birthday, and I thought that was an excellent idea so I just had myself a good long nap. Even after I woke up, I did just hang out for a bit before getting up to help Campbell and Whitman to play a game. 
  • Afterwards, Campbell made some cookies from her new cookbook-I also counted that as a new recipe for me even though the recipe was for peanut butter cookies which we make all the time. This recipe was just a wee bit different than ours, but I did still count it!
  • Next up was dinner at Pei Wei-it was pretty sad eating inside. The place has seen better days, and stupid covid made it not as much fun. I think from now on I might just be a take out girl. 
  • Keaton had to pick up a birthday present so the girls ran into Target. Reagan left with a plant for their room while Keaton did find her gift. We even had a stop at Starbucks for me some apple cider tonight.
  • On the way home, we swung by the Wilson's house for some chocolate chip cookies! We stayed there until it was too late. When we did come home to put the kids in bed, thankfully there were no lost items to hunt for!

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