January 20, 2021

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  • This morning Graham and Anderson were the only ones awake. Whitman now has a fort built over his bed with the covers hanging down around him-I am sure that his little tent bed is perfectly cozy because it was a little difficult to get him out of the bed this morning.
  • We did our reading before starting on our other work. Whitman starts his new math book tomorrow-no more long subtraction problems. We will now be on multiplication! Oh, I hope that speeds up his math and builds his self confidence with math a little bit. Reagan's math was a little bit better today-we at least knew how to solve the problems. We don't know why we are doing what we are doing, but we at least know how to solve them. I have decided that I need to do the higher level math books twice before I really understand them-this is good for Anderson but not so good for Reagan!
  • We didn't have long at home today because by 12:30, we were headed out the door. Today was our day to volunteer at the foodbank. (You have to be 8 to volunteer so Whitman stayed at home with Robby). We worked hard today-we worked a lot harder than we did the last time since we were doing a more difficult job. 
  • They had about 4 of the huge bins filled with can goods that we sorted and reboxed. We were feeling pretty good about our progress when they brought in a forklift carrying 2 more bins full of cans. I think that we did pretty good, but the best thing was hearing the man say when we left that we did more than they expected us to do! 
  • We finished at 4 and hurried home so we could have a few minutes there before heading back to church. Tonight they started Wednesday night activities back. The schedules are still a little bit different but at least the church house isn't sitting empty. My people were all very excited to get back to going to church.
  • When church was finished, we stopped by Nonna and Pops' house to deliver their dessert of the month. Keaton was so happy to deliver her cookies. That girl loves her peanut butter cookie recipe (from Grannymom) and has claimed it as her own. I am sure glad that she is a confident little baker!
  • We just about ate all of Nonna and Pops' food before leaving-we ate chips, cheese dip, cookies and I even tried their supper from tonight. Everyone could have stayed longer munching away, but we needed to get home so we could eat a real supper.
  • As suppers were being made, the Hogs were playing on the tv. We watched them and vegged out for the first time today before heading to bed.

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