January 12, 2021

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  • No one was awake this morning when I went on my wake up rounds. I will say that the boys' room was super chilly, so I guess they were all cozy under the covers. After most everyone else appeared, I had to go and wake Whitman up by talking about food-that seems to be the way to get him to wake up the quickest.
  • We did our reading this morning-things were mostly the same today except now Reagan goes to school earlier on Tuesdays so Robby took her. You would think that since she goes earlier, then she would come home earlier-and she could, but she prefers to stay until the end. That is fine with me especially since she comes home in a good mood and is quite chatty after school.
  • I did walk on the treadmill this afternoon-that is good and all, but seriously I have become a snacker. Every time I walk through the kitchen I am getting something to eat. Maybe I will try to be better tomorrow-or maybe not. I will reward myself with some hot chocolate if I do well tomorrow. I'll let you know-if I can remember!
  • Most of my day was spent playing games. I believe that we got 7 games for Christmas (2 we still haven't played yet), but since they are all still out, we are playing games constantly. I made a resolution to play 52 games this year-I am well past that already. Not really, but I have done quite a few. When this stupid covid is over, I think it would be fun to have the kids have friends over just to play games.
  • I did go to pick up Reagan today from school. When I came home there wasn't too much to do around here. Robby is rebuilding the camper piece by piece-tail lights and mud flaps were in the mail today. A year ago, he probably wouldn't have classified himself as too handy, but I would argue that he is quite handy now. 
  • I did reorganize under my bar area today. I have too much stuff in there and still do. But really, some day someone will ask me if I have molds for a train and indeed I do. I did get rid of about a bag of things so that was good-at least my junk is all orderly now and stays in the cabinet when you open a door.
  • Let's talk about laundry for a little bit. It continues. And even though I tell people to put away their laundry, it never is all put away at the same time. So there are always clothes on my floor-they are neatly folded but they are there! Always.
  • I did finish a Hallmark movie tonight so that is a good thing. I wanted to try to make my grandmother's rolls tonight but decided that I didn't have enough time. I did read over her recipe and am a bit concerned that I don't have enough information on how to make them! We might see tomorrow-maybe!

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