January 10, 2021

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  • Church morning and for some reason we just have to scramble on Sunday mornings. Maybe that scrambling is because no one here ever has to leave the house early in the morning at all. If we ever get real jobs or real school around here we will be in trouble!
  • I do enjoy church day, but not so much since covid. We walk in and we walk out and rarely see or speak to anyone that we know. Kind of more of a downer than an uplifting time. I will say that it was more crowded today than I have seen it in awhile. 
  • After church we headed to Nonna's house for Sunday lunch/my birthday celebration. Nonna asked me what I would like for lunch so I choose sandwiches-on the way to Nonnas, I was told by my kids that sandwiches was a poor choice. They wanted pork tenderloin. However, I was perfectly happy with the sandwiches! I could eat them every week actually!
  • I blew out my candles on a delicious chocolate cake. Then I even opened a few presents-the most popular were a few lottery tickets (fingers crossed) and the game Rummikub. We played the game before we left Nonna's house and even once after we came home.
  • When we left, Robby took Anderson and Graham over to a friend's house for a little bit. I then worked on pulling out school for tomorrow before ending up taking a nap. I had planned to work on the tupperware under the bar area. It is kind of annoying when you open a cabinet and everything falls out on your feet. However, a nap seemed much more productive. There is a whole week stretching out before us.
  • I did manage to manage to organize the paint-I decided that was more fun than the tupperware. It was indeed more fun today except that I had to put the clean and organized paint boxes back into the messy school room closet!
  • The boys eventually came home, an we pulled out our leftovers for supper. Later Robby and I winterized the camper. So the pipes don't freeze, we had to run rv antifreeze through all of the pipes. Robby wasn't too excited about doing this, but it needed to be done since we aren't going anywhere for a few weeks-it is just a bit chilly right now. 
  • Tonight was just a lot of sitting around. It is surprising how slow the evening can be sometime and then how quickly they are over. There was a lot of looking at dogs on the computer. And Whitman has watched a whole tv series-which I have strangely become interested in!

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