January 29, 2021

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  • Oh wonderful Fridays. There wasn't much on my agenda today. My new type of weekly list is a grid with all of the things that I need to do marked on it. Some weeks I may have 50 things or some weeks there is only 30. I have a habit of marking off my list and then figuring out the percentage of things that I have finished.
  • Most weeks I am happy to be above 75 percent. But this week, this week I ended the week with a 100%. Whoop! Of course that really means nothing at all! It was still fun though to mark off everything-maybe that means I probably should add a few extra things to my list.
  • Now, I did clean the shower today which wasn't on the list-that was some fun. Actually, it had gotten bad. As I was stepping out of it-just after I had rinsed my brush and poured the last of my cleaning stuff (bleach, water and tide) down the drain, I saw a huge spot that I needed to still clean-that leaves me something for next weeks list though.
  • It seems like quite a bit of the day was spent running around-Reagan drove Campbell, Keaton, Graham and I to Rylee's house where we dropped off Keaton for the afternoon. Then she drove on to pick up Campbell's friend. I drove home from there, but that was tons of good driving practice for Reagan.
  • Campbell and her friend here spent all of their time making presents for the girls' sister who is about to have a birthday party. They made a candle out of crayons plus they sewed a dress for her doll. All of that was super sweet, but super messy However, I do love that we have the sewing machine-I would much rather they be creative than to play on devices.
  • Soon Kennedy came over and we were scrambling around figuring out supper. We made spaghetti, ate supper and then cleaned it all up within 45 minutes so that was a record. Then we loaded up with Campbell, her friend, Anderson and Graham. (Whitman stayed back at the house with Reagan and Kennedy.)
  • We picked up milkshakes from ChickFilA, and then picked up Keaton. Then we went to Walmart to buy a few dog toys! The kids were so excited and loved looking at things. Of course they wanted to buy everything, but we bought a few things now and I am sure will buy a few more things.
  • When we came home, I pulled out my Trekking the National Park game and played with Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Anderson, of course, won the game. He just has a knack for games.  Campbell and Keaton picked it up very well. Whitman never had a clue what was happening and was last-and I scored just about as much as Whitman. I am not sure what happened to me, but I have been lousy at games lately. I don't think I am focused enough to come up with a game plan! 
  • The game lasted until after 11, so not much happened after the game because all of the little people headed to bed!

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