January 30, 2021

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  • Robby was up and gone way before I woke up this morning. He spent the morning working down the road on a friend's shed-I guess when you have two shed work days at your house then you are bound to have a few work days for help payback all your help. 
  • He enjoyed it though-doughnuts and chili. He was home by 1ish. And by then I had already gotten up and done my few chores around here. Campbell and I ran to JoAnns-I had never been to that location. She had a coupon to use, but everything we bought was on sale. She bought a yard of fabric plus a set of beads. She was really interested in making a blanket (fleece fabric that you knot) but they were too expensive.
  • The day seemed to go fairly quickly-possibly due to my early afternoon nap. But soon we were watching the basketball game. Robby and I ran to Sams during half time. He dropped me off and gracious me, that place was so crazy it took me forever to come out with the two things that I went in there for.
  • Campbell and Keaton have a sleepover on Sunday night, so they spent some time today during their school work for Monday. I hope that helps make things go fairly smoothly. Now, I just need to work with them tomorrow so that will be one less thing to do on Monday when they get home.
  • We returned home and I started to play Sorry with the kids. Of course all too soon it was time for me to stop the game to help Robby make supper. He cooked bacon and hashbrowns while I was inside making waffles. We had supper well under way when the Wilson's arrived for supper.
  • We spent the evening watching camper vidoes-we aren't getting another one, but are trying to convince them to. Keaton and Campbell made cookies for dessert and the boys played a game of miniature golf in the house.

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