January 16, 2021

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  • It was good sleeping this Saturday morning-until I did wake up with a start wondering what time I was supposed to go and pick up Keaton. I quickly found that I had a little bit of time so I dozed until Whitman came into our room. We cuddled with him until he left us.
  • While Robby had his shower, I worked on the dishes and laundry before we went outside for a bit. We were trying to work on something for the camper which didn't work like we thought it would.
  • Then we were off along with Campbell to the library and car wash. Robby actually dropped me off at the library while he ran to the car wash right down the road. I tell you, picking up my library books each week is like a little Christmas morning for me. Can you imagine how much more I would love it if I really enjoyed reading. Right now I am on a cookbook fix so I have a few of those checked out.
  • Keaton and her friends had a super fun time at the sleepover. Thankfully, they even had quite a bit of sleep so she wasn't a bear today. Though that usually happens the next day with most of my kids.
  • We dropped off Sophia so we stayed and chatted for a long while-I think that we were trying to avoid coming home and working in the garage. Actually, when we did get started it didn't take too long.
  • Though Robby has a bit of ADD when it comes to working-for example we were walking into the camper, and he starts peeling off the dealership sticker on the side of the camper. I'm not sure if he realized that was another project or not, but soon that is what we were doing-trying to get rid of that sticker. 
  • So even with his distractibility-moving from project to project-we were still able to finish in the garage, work some in the shed and some in the camper before half time of the ballgame. We made it back in just in time for me to take a nap during the second half-that usually helps the hogs though it didn't tonight at all.
  • Soon I was working in the kitchen while Robby was running to the store to pick up some beans-it was chili for supper. I completely forgot that cornbread would have been great tonight to make, but we supplemented our chili with a crack and cheese platter. 
  • The Wilsons stayed for a little bit, but then they headed home leaving plenty of time for my kids to cycle through the showers before bedtime!

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